Testimonials From Birth Mothers
“My experience with Building Arizona families has been so wonderful from day one. Heather stepped me through everything and made sure I was always comfortable in knowing what was going on. She was there every time I had a question and she stepped me through everything. This process I was scared to go through became a decision I was confident about in every way. I have and will continue recommending Building Arizona Families to friends and family I know that are looking to do adoption because I know from experience that they are there for you 100% for anything you need and any question you have. Thank you for helping me through this.”

“I’ve been working with Building Arizona Families and Heather Shew-Plummer since December 2010. This is my second child that I am giving up for adoption. Before, I never felt I had an option and BAF and Heather have given me that. They gave me and my family a chance to get back on our feet, they don’t just give financial support, they give emotional support. Well at least Heather has. In the beginning I thought I was being selfish, but I see what my last son has done for his adoptive parents and what this child will do for his or her parents. BAF gave me an option and brings people that otherwise would not have children, hope. And that’s great service.”
- Teryl-

“I have worked with Heather since I found out about my pregnancy and it’s been very good having her as my coordinator and very close friend as well. She’s a very honest person, friendly and hard working. She is the best you’ll ever get. I prefer Heather. She gives you good advice, positive attitude and treats you as a friend not as someone that you’ll see once in a your life time. Placing the twins for adoption was the best decision I have ever made, they are with a family that gives them everything they need and want and will want for their life. They are very loved and cared for.”