Pregnant? Need Answers?

At Building Arizona Families, we understand that this is a stressful and emotional time for you, and we want you to feel safe in making an adoption plan.  Our goal is to support you through the entire process of creating an adoption plan that is best for both you and your child.

We are available to speak with you 24 hours a day at (623) 695-4112.

Our agency provides one-on-one services and, unlike an attorney who can only assist you legally, we can help you in several ways.

What is a “birth mother?”
A birth mother is a term for a woman pregnant with a child.

Is there a cost to me regarding placing a child for adoption?
There is no cost to you as the birth mother. All services to birth mothers and birth fathers are free!

Is there financial assistance available for my living expenses?
Yes! Building Arizona Families is able to assist you with living expenses, such as rent, utilities, transportation, food, a cell phone, and other basic necessities.
Living expenses must be approved by the court and have to be related to the pregnancy.

How do I pay my medical expenses?
All medical bills not otherwise paid by insurance or AHCCS are paid by Building Arizona Families. We can also assist you in applying for AHCCS.

Is the father of my child involved in the adoption?
If he wants to be involved, he can. If he is not supportive, chooses not to participate, or denies paternity, he will be legally notified of the adoption, and the adoption will proceed unless he files a Paternity Action. If he agrees with the decision and wants to be involved, he will sign adoption consents similar to yours.

What if I don’t know who the father of my child is?
Please do not worry; this is not uncommon and Building Arizona Families will assist in locating the birthfather or a “John Doe.” The adoption can proceed legally even if you do not know who he is or where he is.

Am I able to select the family to adopt my child?’
Yes! Building Arizona Families will provide you with a variety of prospective adoptive families to select from. Each of the families has been fingerprinted, background checked, and certified by the Arizona Court System. We will provide you with families to choose from that meet the criteria of what you are looking for.

How do I explain this decision to my friends and family?
We can help you with this. Building Arizona Families has an adoption coordinator and can assist you when you tell your friends and family of your decision to place your unborn child for adoption. When and how you tell your families and friends is your decision; we are only here to help.

What type of communication will occur during my pregnancy with the adoptive family?
The type and amount of communication is completely up to you. You decide if and when you would like to meet the adoptive family.

How much information do I receive about the adoptive family?
General information related to the parenting style and dynamics of the prospective adoptive family will be shared. Personal identifying information will only be shared at the discretion of the prospective adoptive family.

How much information does the adopting family receive about me?
After you sign a release, general medical information related to you and the health of your baby will be discussed with the prospective adoptive family. Non-pregnancy related information will only be shared at your discretion and with your permission.

What happens at the hospital?
You will have complete control over this entire process, including what happens at the hospital. You decide what you want to happen at the hospital by completing a hospital plan with your coordinator. You have choices while you are in the hospital and Building Arizona Families will assist you in achieving your goal.

Once I sign the adoption papers, can I change my mind?
In Arizona, Adoption Consents cannot be signed until at least 72 hours after the birth of your child. Adoption Consent paperwork will be explained to you prior to the time you sign consents, so that you fully understand the paperwork you will be signing. Up until that time, you may change your mind and decide to parent your child. The Adoption Consent Documents, signed at least 72 hours after the birth of a child, are final.

Will I be able to see the child after placement?
Yes, Building Arizona Families will complete a post adoption agreement that is signed by all parties including the birthmother and adoptive family. You will be able to determine the amount of photos and letters you would like to receive. You can also request visits.