Domestic Adoptions

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Payment plans are available.

Welcome to Building Arizona Families’ Domestic Adoption Program! The goal and mission of the Domestic Program is to help place as many children as possible in forever families.

Program details include:

  • Birth parents are actively involved in the process of selecting an adoptive family.
  • Profiles of adoptive parents are presented to the birth parents, generally based upon specific requests made by the birth parents.
  • Infants of all racial/ethnic backgrounds, including Caucasian infants, are adopted through the Domestic Program.
  • Adoptive parents may specify the age, race/ethnicity, and health of the child they hope to adopt, but those who are able to be more flexible are likely to be matched more quickly.
  • The waiting period for a referral through Building Arizona Families is not predictable because families are matched according to birth parents’ preferences.

Program Requirements:

Parents need to have a completed home study by a licensed adoption agency or social worker prior to being put on the waiting list

Building Arizona Families is a licensed private non-profit adoption agency.

Building Arizona Families reserves the right to determine that it may not provide services.

Domestic Adoption FeesTo Be Paid By Adoptive Parents
Type of Service:
When Due:
Home Study Necessary to be completed prior to Agency Registration for the Domestic Program.
Prior to Registration in the Domestic Program.
Registration FeeThis fee enables you to be in the adoptive parent pool from which the birth mother may choose.
After Home Study is Completed and Adoptive Parents are ready to enroll in the Domestic Program.
Agency Fee
Call for information
Half due when the Birth Mother chooses the Adoptive Family. Second half is due at the time in which the baby is placed in the custody of the adoptive parents following the 72 hour waiting period prescribed by the State of Arizona
Post Placement Visits and Reports Included per visit. First month after placement and then either every month until Adoption Court Hearing or every three months until Adoption Court Hearing
Birth Mother/Father Counseling Fee
This fee is paid by the Adoptive Parents and covers the 4 visits by the birth mother’s counselor- the birth father is offered identical services.
Due when the Birth Mother chooses the Adoptive Family.
Attorney Legal Fees Attorney Legal Fees – Covers the legal fees necessary to complete the adoption including the relinquishment of the biological rights.
fee not included
Chosen Attorney will determine amount and time of payment with adoptive parents.
Extraneous Costs (Including birth mother’s medical costs, housing, etc…)This is a voluntary expense, the adoptive parents will have the rights to refuse a birth parent’s offer of adoption is extraneous costs are not acceptable or desirable to the adoptive parents.
Adoption Preparation Counseling This fee is paid by the Adoptive Parents and covers adoption preparation counseling sessions presented by a licensed counselor.
per session. Paid 72 hours prior to appointment.

*All fees are non-refundable with the following exceptions:

All fees are non-refundable, including but not limited to: Home Study, Registration Fee, Birth Parent Counseling Fee, Attorneys Fees, and the Agency Fee.  In the event of an interruption in the adoption prior to placement due to a decision on the part of Birth Mother/Father, no fees paid will be refunded and 50% of the Agency Fees paid will be applied toward the Agency Fees of a subsequent adoption with BAF.