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Forever Families Program

Are you considering adopting a foster child in Arizona? Or from around the U.S.? That is wonderful! Building Arizona Families specializes in helping Arizona families adopt foster children in Arizona and across the U.S.  Did you know that there are tens of thousands of precious foster children around the United States whose parental rights have been severed? These children are literally orphans, and are hoping and praying for forever families to welcome them into loving homes.  foster to adopt AZ children; adopt foster childrenHaving been placed in foster care through no fault of their own, and suffered abuse and/or neglect, these children need the stability and hope that a loving, stable family can provide. Every foster child deserves to be loved and have the opportunity for a bright future.

The above video will provide valuable information about how to adopt foster children in Arizona directly from foster care without the requirement of being a foster parent first.  It includes practical information about how to adopt foster children including the requirements, processes, costs, and times.

Building Arizona Families is a Licensed Adoption Agency

Building Arizona Families is an Arizona licensed, internationally Hague accredited adoption agency.  Most of our staff has personally adopted children, and we understand the adoption journey.  We would welcome the opportunity to walk with you as you build your forever family through the miracle of adoption.  Arizona families can adopt foster children from anywhere in the U.S. through Building Arizona Families.  You can read more about Building Arizona Families Forever Families U.S. Adoption program HERE.  You can also reach out directly to Ixcel Baca, program manager by calling 623-696-9537 or e-mailing.  And, we would love for you to keep up with our adoption news on Facebook.

Are you interested in adoption? Join us to learn more about the different types of adoption including international, foster child, and newborn adoption.  Learn more about the infant and child adoption process at one of our convenient online seminars.  You can view the schedule and RSVP on our Building Arizona Families Facebook page.  Click on the Events tab.

If you are a pregnant woman experiencing a crisis pregnancy, learn about the many ways we can help!  Go HERE to learn more.

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