Interstate Adoptions

Interstate Adoptions

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Building Arizona Families is proud to offer Interstate Adoptions for children in the Foster Care System.

iStock_000012691609XSmallOur Interstate Program is an exciting program where foster children in the United States, which have been found legally eligible for adoption and are available to be placed directly with adoptive families. The majority of these children are 6 years of age or older, but there are some cases of younger children available, particularly those in sibling groups and higher level of care needs. Building Arizona Families does direct adoption placements. This means that the adoptive family is not foster care certified but licensed to adopt through a home study, making these direct adoptions. The foster children come to live in your home and, after approximately 6 months, your family legally adopts the children.

Below you will find some general information about what the Interstate Adoption process entails. The basic steps of the adoption process are as follows:

  • Choose the type of adoption
  • Select an agency or facilitator
  • Complete a home study
  • Wait for a placement
  • Finalize the adoption

Adoptive Parent(s) Requirements

Families must complete an adoption home study and be certified to adopt. We require our families to complete educational adoption/parenting classes to further ensure a smooth transition.

Building Arizona Families is a licensed private non-profit adoption agency.

Building Arizona Families reserves the right to determine that it may not provide services.

Children Available

These children are ages 2-18 with the highest need for those 6 years and older, of all races, singles and sibling groups. There are healthy children and children with mild to severe special needs available.

Adoption Fee Schedule

An Interstate Adoption is the most cost effective program available.

  • The cost for home study will be $1,100 with Building Arizona Families.
  • An Interstate Adoption program fee of $3,500 is due prior to beginning the Interstate Adoption Selection Process.
  • You will have the expense of traveling to see your child/children and possibly travel expenses to bring your child/children home.
  • There are some states which will reimburse a family for some of the costs of the home study and travel, but it is considered the adoptive parents’ responsibility.

Time Frame

After the home study is complete, a social worker works with you to help you select a child or children that you are interested in. After you have selected the child/children you are interested in, then your home study is submitted to that child’s/children’s caseworker. The caseworker and other significant people in the children’s lives collect a selected number of home studies and choose the family they feel is best suited to meet the needs of the available child/children. Length of the selection process and number of pre-placement transition visits will vary per the children’s home location.

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