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Why is Adopting Foster Children in Arizona so Important?

You may have seen numerous messages about adopting foster children in Arizona. What you might not realize is just how crucial adoption is to the health of the foster child. As you probably know, vulnerable children in the foster care system, through no fault of their...

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Updates on Adopting a Child From Haiti

Dear Haiti adoptive families, As some of you may have known, I was in Haïti last week. It was a very productive week in Haiti. I’m so grateful we have been warmly welcomed once again by our US Embassy and IBESR. All Blessing, Wasatch, Building Arizona Families, and...

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Haiti Adoption is a Wonderful Way to Grow Your Family

If you want to open your arms, heart, and home to grow your family through adoption, adopting a child from Haiti is a joyous choice! Building Arizona Families can help - we are one of just a handful of U.S. agencies that are approved by the Haitian government to serve...

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Adopt Foster Children in Arizona This New Year

The start of the New Year always holds so much hope.  It's such a wonderful time of year. Families gather together to talk about their hopes and dreams. It is a magical time for children as they dream big dreams of anticipation. What if as a child your reality is...

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Are All Adoption Agencies the Same?

What should you look for in choosing an adoption agency? In the U.S., adoption agencies are licensed and governed by state adoption regulations, usually under the supervision of the state’s Department of Health and Human Services. Adoptive families can check with the...

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Good Reasons for Adopting a Child From Haiti

Adopting a child gives that child a stable future. Adopting a child from Haiti saves that child’s life. In 2017 data, Haiti ranks 27th globally for mortality of children under age 5, a higher mortality rate than countries like Sudan, Ethiopia, Iraq, and Bangladesh....

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