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The child adoption process can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.  Here’s what our birth mothers and adoptive families have to say about working with us.



I was so conflicted, The whole child adoption process can be so confusing. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a closed, semi open or closed adoption. Thanks to the counseling that Building Arizona Families provided I was able to find out the difference, my rights and that helped me ultimately choose what was best for me and my baby. Adoptive families have really helped me.


I was worried the my baby would end up in a Foster Care home but Building Arizona Families helped me find an adoptive family and they were at the hospital. I have such great peace to know my baby will have the life I could never give her.

I don’t a lot of money I was so worried that adopting my baby was going to be very expensive. But I found out on this website that it’s FREE for birth mothers. Building Arizona Families even helped me pay for transportation during the child adoption process.

I was afraid because I didn’t know who the birth-father was, but I knew I wanted to have my baby adopted. Thanks to this website and Building Arizona Families I found out I can still adopt even if I don’t have contact with the father and the adoptive family is so amazing.

I knew adoption was the choice for me and my baby but I had no idea how to do it and what all the terms like open vs. closed. But Building Arizona Families really was there to help me. I’m all on my own so it was nice to have their support through this whole child adoption process.

Building Arizona Families had complete backgrounds on all the families available to adopt my child that gave me the a lot of peace of mind to know that they are all loving safe families.

Building Arizona Families helped me out in the toughest, but ultimately the best decision I have even made. They helped me find a family that will give my child a loving life they really deserve.


Building Arizona Families gave us and our son’s birthmother a tremendous amount of support during the entire child adoption process, including the match and hospital stay. It made all the difference in having a successful placement. We are so thankful to them for helping us bring our baby boy home!

Thank you


Building Arizona Families has been tremendous in helping us realize our dream of beginning our family. All of our social workers were helpful and available whenever we needed them. They stayed with us throughout all of the ups and downs of the child adoption process. When we went to the hospital to meet our baby girl, they were there throughout every step of the way, especially when we were worried the adoption would fall through. They advocate for both birthparents and adoptive parents and do everything possible to facilitate the process. We couldn’t be happier with our adoption. If we had to do everything over, we would still choose BAF as our agency and recommend the agency to everyone we meet. Without them, we wouldn’t have our greatest joy in life, our darling little girl. Because of BAF we are officially a family of three.

Building Arizona Families made our dreams come true! We waited 2 1/2 years with another agency, and were matched right away as soon as we switched. Robyn was very attentive, and Becky was wonderful, taking care of us every step of the way. She put up with all of our questions and worries with patience and a smile. We hope to be able to come back to BAF when we are ready for #2.

Are you interested in adoption? Join us to learn more about the different types of adoption including international, foster child, and newborn adoption.  Learn more about the infant and child adoption process at one of our convenient online seminars.  You can view the schedule and RSVP on our Building Arizona Families Facebook page.  Click on the Events tab.

If you are a pregnant woman experiencing a crisis pregnancy, learn about the many ways we can help!  Go HERE to learn more.

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