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Over 100 Million Americans Have Been Impacted by Adoption – Our Arizona Licensed Adoption Agency Can Help Your Family!

Building Arizona Families believes that adoption is a miraculous gift. It positively touches the lives of so many people. According to the National Council on Adoption (NCFA), an estimated 100 million Americans have “either been personally touched by adoption within their families or know someone who is or has adopted.” Additionally, according to the NCFA, approx. 7% of all Americans are adopted. Adoption means that children receive a life changing opportunity to belong to a forever family.

The Need for Adoptive Families is Growing

The need for adoptive families is more prevalent than most people realize. For example, the number of children in the U.S foster care system has risen for the fourth straight year in a row. In 2016, approx. 10,000 more children were in foster care than the previous year, in part driven up by the number of parents addicted to opioids.   The opioid epidemic is also impacting women who find they cannot care for their babies and need to place them for adoption.

This does not even include the urgent need for international adoption. Building Arizona Families is one of a select few Hague accredited adoption agencies privileged to serve the vulnerable children of Haiti. The most impoverished nation in the Western Hemisphere has been further decimated by several natural disasters. The children living in creches (orphanages) in Haiti who are adopted will have a life that right now they can only pray for.

Building Arizona Families Adoption Agency Shares the Adoption Journey

Adoption brings stability and health to the children who are the smallest victims of this crisis. The need for loving families to open their hearts and homes is great. As one of the largest licensed, accredited adoption agencies in Arizona, we are blessed to share the journey with families who want to help change children’s lives forever. Whether it is adopting an infant, adopting a foster child, or adopting a child from Haiti, Building Arizona Families would be honored to share the journey to forever families with precious children and loving families.

Find Out More About Our Arizona Licensed Adoption Agency

We invite you to find out more about adoption. Building Arizona Families offer informational seminars both onsite and online, and we have lots of information on our website. We also invite you to call or e-mail so that we can answer any additional questions you might have. You can e-mail us HERE, or call 623.936.4729.


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