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At the heart of every adoption, the well being of the child is the primary concern. Whether it is a baby, toddler, grade schooler, high schooler, sibling group, or a child with physical/emotional challenges, every child needs to be carefully cared for through the adoption process. A quality Arizona adoption agency has an ethical responsibility to always put the best interests of the child above all else. As you go through the adoption process, there will inevitably be twists and turns on the journey, but a high quality Arizona adoption agency will always stay focused on the best interests of the child. We are certain you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Building Arizona Families is an Arizona Licensed Adoption Agency

At our Arizona licensed adoption agency, many of the staff have adopted children, and some have been adopted into forever families themselves. We understand the fragility of the child and the necessity of ensuring that every child will be nurtured and loved in a safe forever family. Additionally, Building Arizona Families’ licensing with the State of Arizona has been maintained in good standing since 2004. Meeting the state licensing requirements ensures that adoption agencies operate in an ethical fashion that balances the needs of the family with the needs of the birth mother, yet always puts the child’s needs first.

An Internationally Accredited Adoption Agency is Required to Adopt Children From Other Countries

The requirements for international adoption are also focused on the best interest of the children. International adoption is more complicated, as there are issues to consider that do not exist with domestic (within the U.S.) adoption. Transfer of citizenship, cultural and language differences, medical care, and even issues like diet are concerns. Adoption agencies, orphanages, attorneys, and governments should follow international adoption guidelines that focus on meeting the needs of the child. Much of the international adoption process is standardized through the Hague Convention on the Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption International agreement to safeguard children involved in intercountry adoptions.

Building Arizona Families is a Hague accredited adoption agency, and one of just a handful that are approved by the government in Haiti to facilitate Haitian adoptions. The Hague accreditation is a rigorous process, and rightly so, as the welfare of vulnerable children hangs in the balance.

The Best Interests of the Child Continue to Be Best Served in Safe, Loving Forever Families

The role of state and national governments is important in protecting the best interests of orphans who can’t protect themselves. The role of the adoption agency is also crucial in protecting the child’s welfare. After the adoption process is completed, however, there is no one more important in protecting vulnerable children than you – their daddy or mommy – who will open your hearts and homes to become the forever family every child needs and deserves. It’s why, at Building Arizona Families, we make sure that you have every resource at your disposal to make the best choice for the child or children who will soon be yours. We understand the priceless bond that will be formed and invaluable role you will play in a precious child’s life.

Our Licensed Adoption Agency is Honored to Serve You in Private Adoption, Haiti Adoption, or to Adopt a Foster Child

We would be honored to serve you on your adoption journey. If you would like general information and/or have not decided what type of adoption is right for you, our adoption agency offers onsite seminars that answer all of your questions. You can also read more about us HERE. We also offer online seminars for those who can’t travel to Phoenix for the onsite seminar. You can call Lisa at 623-692-4424 or e-mail HERE for seminar information and to have your other questions answered. Building Arizona Families looks forward to serving you!

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