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Download Haiti Adoption Requirements

Haiti adoption requirements for Haiti orphans

Haiti Adoption Requirements Are Determined by the Haitian Government

Did you know that Haiti adoption requirements are determined by the Haitian government? They take tremendous responsibility to ensure that Haiti orphans are adopted into loving, stable American families.  Read more about how Haiti prioritizes their children’s welfare here.  Building Arizona Families is one of just a few internationally accredited adoption agencies that the Haitian government has chosen to partner with because of our respect for their requirements and desire to operate in the best interest of Haiti children.

You don’t have to be a perfect parent, and the Haiti adoption requirements are reasonable. There are some age and overall health requirements, as well as income stability.  You don’t have to be wealthy.  You also don’t have to be married to adopt a child from Haiti.  If you are considering opening your heart and home to a vulnerable Haiti orphan, you will be literally changing a child’s life forever.  Haiti is the most impoverished nation in the Western Hemisphere, and the children living in Haitian creches (orphanages) are hoping and praying for forever families.  In general, they are healthy and happy, and historically have transitioned well to their forever homes.

We would be honored to walk beside you on your international adoption journey of a precious, vulnerable Haitian child.Please feel free to reach out to Lisa Peterson, Program Manager, directly with any questions you have about Haiti adoption requirements or Haiti adoption processes.  Lisa can be reached by phone at 623-692-4424 or by e-mail. Click below to download the info sheet.

Click here to download Haiti Info Sheet



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