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Anthony was a newborn adoption. He came home to his adoptive family at three weeks old. He is now a talented young man and extremely accomplished musician. Anthony tells us he is looking forward to a career in music. He believes his accomplishments are because God knew exactly the right family to put him in. When asked, Anthony says he has always known he was adopted. Because of his dad and mom, Anthony is so grateful for his family and future they have given him.

Anthony’s mom works at Building Arizona Families.  She is the program manager for the Domestic Adoption program, specializing in newborn adoption.  Becky believes that adoption was her family’s Plan “A”, God’s perfect plan to build their family. As an adoptive family, she and her husband Steve say that their two adopted sons are just “their boys”. They couldn’t imagine loving them any more than do they now.


Today at the complimentary information adoption seminar, people learned about the types of adoption that Building Arizona Families offers.  We provided adoption education on the requirements and processes involved in each type of adoption.  Because of the seminar, the potential adoptive families who attended are now well informed.  They will make educated decisions about building their forever families through adoption.


Anthony’s story is one of hundreds of children’s lives that have been forever changed by finding their forever families through newborn adoption.  Building Arizona Families believes strongly that every child should grow up safe and loved in a family.  The Arizona adoption agency works hard to fulfill their mission.  We connect the longing in the hearts of families with the prayers of children who want to be loved.

In conclusion, we invite you to find out more about Building Arizona Families, visit our website.  Send us an e-mail, or give us a call at 623.936.4729.  We will share information about how you can build your forever family through adoption.  To RSVP for the next adoption seminar, CLICK HERE.

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