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Navigating Infant Domestic Adoption in the U.S. with Building Arizona Families’ Guidance

Are you considering infant domestic adoption in the United States?  Building Arizona Families, a non-profit, licensed adoption agency with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau offers a comprehensive domestic adoption program to guide you through this life-changing, joy-filled process.  We would be honored to walk through the infant adoption journey with you, no matter where you are located in the U.S.  We work directly with birth mothers and fathers residing in Arizona who have made the selfless decision to place their babies in loving, forever families.

Why Choose Building Arizona Families for Your Infant Domestic Adoption?

We have been serving adoptive families since 2004.  One of our founders was adopted as an infant, and the other has adopted three children.  Many of our staff have adopted children, and everyone who works at Building Arizona Families cares deeply about the children, adoptive families, and birth parents involved in the infant domestic adoption process.

Building Arizona Families: Your Trusted Partner

Building Arizona Families is a highly reputable, licensed, and accredited adoption agency known for its commitment to helping families navigate the complexities of infant domestic adoption.  Our adoption team is very knowledgeable and will provide support, guidance, and resources at every step of the adoption journey.

Understanding the Infant Domestic Adoption Process

Infant domestic adoption through Building Arizona Families is a well-structured, transparent process in which you will work closely with adoption professionals to create an adoption plan tailored to your preferences.  This plan includes articulating your preferences for open or closed adoption, race and ethnicity preferences, the overall health of the infant, and contact arrangements with the birth parents.

Home Study and Placement

A crucial step in infant domestic adoption is the home study, where a qualified case manager assesses your home and family dynamics.  Building Arizona Families can provide a home study if you live in Arizona.  We can refer you to a high-quality home study provider if you are located in another state.

Once approved, you’ll enter the placement stage.  Here, you’ll be matched with a birth mother based on her selection criteria for the family she believes is best matched for her baby’s upbringing.  You are encouraged to build a connection with the birth mother before the baby arrives.  Building Arizona Families facilitates these connections and supports adoptive parents and birth mothers throughout the process.

Support and Post-Placement Services

Building Arizona Families understands that the adoption journey doesn’t end at placement.  We offer various post-placement services, including counseling and support, to help adoptive parents and birth mothers adjust to their new roles.

If you’re considering infant domestic adoption in the U.S., please attend one of our convenient, informative online seminars.  Find out more HERE.   You can also contact our Domestic Adoption Program Manager, Becky Merryman, by e-mail at becky@buildingarizonafamilies.com or 623-224-1815

In conclusion, infant domestic adoption is a transformative experience, and Building Arizona Families would be delighted to walk with you through the process.  Start your journey today and embrace the joy of growing your family through infant domestic adoption in the U.S.

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