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Like thousands of families across the United States, Steve and Becky could not have biological children. They always knew they wanted to be parents. It was a natural decision for them to choose to adopt kids to build their forever family.  Building Arizona Families was there to help guide them through their adoption journey.

Steve and Becky adopted two sons. They brought each child home as a newborn. In our brief interview, they share that the adoption process was much easier than they expected. Steve and Becky simply can’t imagine loving biological children any more than they love each of their adopted sons.


There are many reasons that adoption is the perfect solution for a family who are unable to have children biologically. Each adopted child is blessed to know the love and security of a family. Adopted children have a bright future that otherwise would not be possible. The adoptive family is changed forever by the love of a precious child.

Just as there are many reasons to adopt, there are different types of adoption. Every family is different as well. Some families want to adopt a baby. Others prefer an older child. And some choose to adopt more than one child to keep siblings together. International adoption is also a wonderful option. Regardless of what type of adoption, precious children’s lives change forever. In addition, adoptive families are blessed by the expansion of love in their home.   Building Arizona Families offers numerous types of adoptions.


Building Arizona Families is a non-profit, licensed, Hague accredited adoption agency. Because of our commitment to excellence, we provide adoptive families with professional adoption services. Our licensed adoption agency places children through our domestic infant, interstate, and international adoption programs. Adoption services at Building Arizona Families include home studies, post-placement/adoption reports, severance studies, and stepparent/relative adoptions. Building Arizona Families dedicates ourselves to breaking down the barriers and obstacles of adoption. And finally, we commit to help every child to find their forever family.

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