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All Adoptions Within the U.S. Should be Through a Licensed Adoption Agency

First, make sure you pick the right agency to meet your adoption needs.  For adoptions both inside of the United States and from other countries, make sure the adoption agency is licensed through the state they are located in.  As you consider various agencies, you will also want to check out their reputation by contacting the State Attorney General’s Office to see if there are any complaints or litigation against the agency.  In other words, make sure they are ethical and in good standing with the state. As you search for the right match, consider yourself as interviewing agencies as candidates for a very important job – helping to build your family! Building Arizona Families is a non-profit adoption agency with home offices in Arizona.  Our agency in good standing with the state.  We help families adopt within the state of Arizona, throughout the United States, and from around the world.

International Adoptions Must be Through a Hague Accredited Adoption Agency

For an international adoption, you must choose a Hague Convention accredited international adoption agency.  This means that the agency has undergone thorough scrutiny and met rigorous adoption procedure standards.   Building Arizona Families is also a Hague accredited agency and assists families interested in international adoption.  We currently serve prospective adoptive families who are interested in Haiti adoption.  We are also able to provide home studies and post-adoption reports for families adopting from other countries.

Adoption Agencies Should Take the Time to Listen, and be Readily Available to Meet Your Individual Needs

adoption agency needs to listen to familySecond, make sure that the agency you choose to guide you on your forever family journey truly cares about you and takes the time to understand your unique and very personal hopes and dreams for your family. Be sure you ask agencies you are interviewing about the access and availability of the staff assigned to your adoption.  At Building Arizona Families, many of the staff have either adopted children or been adopted themselves.  This means we understand that adoption is personal, and we are passionate about doing it right. We absolutely take the time to listen, and will walk with you every step of the way along your adoption journey.

Adoption is not “one size fits all.”  We offer several different types of adoption, including infant adoption, adoption from foster care, and adoption from Haiti.  Each different type of adoption has varying adoption processes, costs, qualifications, and varying characteristics for the children being adopted.  You will want to explore what type of adoption best fits your family’s needs.  Ask the adoption agencies you are interviewing about what types of adoptions they offer, and make sure that the agency you choose is licensed or accredited to walk you through the adoption process.  Building Arizona Families is both a licensed and an accredited agency, so we can help you with whichever choice you make.

Our Adoption Agency is Honored to Walk With You on Your Private Adoption, Haiti Adoption, or Foster Child Adoption Journey

Building Arizona Families would be honored to serve you on your adoption journey.  If you would like more general information and/or have not decided what type of adoption is right for you, we offer onsite seminars that answer all of your questions. We also offer online seminars for those who can’t travel to Phoenix for the onsite seminar. Please contact our office for seminar information. We would be happy to  answer any questions you might have. Building Arizona Families looks forward to serving you!

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