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Do you need information about the adoption process? As a premier adoption site in Arizona, Building Arizona Families in Phoenix understands the concerns adoptive parents have as they begin their adoption journey. As an Arizona-licensed adoption agency, we are here to help. You don’t have to live in Arizona to take advantage of the majority of our services. Whether you have struggled with infertility, have biological children and want to expand your family, or have the desire to make a difference in the life of a child. Adoption can be a very rewarding option to consider. Our licensed Arizona adoption agency has helped thousands of families grow their families through adoption. Below you will find some general information about what the adoption process entails. The basic steps of the process are as below.


Adoption Information for a Domestic or International Child for Arizona Residents

  • Choose the type of adoption that best matches your family’s desires. Our adoption site, Building Arizona Families is a licensed Arizona adoption agency for domestic adoption and foster child adoption. We are an internationally Hague-accredited agency for international adoption. Whether it is international, foster, or infant adoption, Building Arizona Families located in Phoenix can walk with you on your journey no matter where you live in the United States. If you are interested in adopting a foster child, our licensed Arizona adoption agency can serve you if you are an Arizona resident.
  • Select Hague-Accredited agency or Hague-Accredited attorney (if choosing International Adoption)
  • Complete a home study with a licensed adoption agency
  • Wait for placement or referral
  • Finalize the adoption through a licensed adoption agency
What is the first step in the adoption process?
You will need to decide whether to adopt through a private or public agency. As you examine these options, you will discover that there are advantages and disadvantages to each, so take your time and be thorough in your research.
What should I expect when I call from the Arizona adoption agency?
The agency may invite you to attend an orientation. The information given at orientation is very valuable. They will discuss their process in detail as well as give you an opportunity to ask specific questions, obtain their fee schedule, and meet other families considering adoption. It is a good idea to attend more than one agency’s orientation to compare procedures and philosophies and get a sense of which agency you will be most comfortable working with. When the orientation is complete, you will leave with an application to complete and return with an application or registration fee.
What is a adoption "home study?"
After the agency has reviewed and accepted your application for adoption, you will need to complete a home study. The main goal of the home study is to evaluate the environment the child will be raised in and to help the adoptive parents prepare for parenting and the arrival of the child. There are several different ways to meet this state requirement. Your agency will advise you as to their preferred method. The assessment will include two or more visits with a social worker, at least one of which will take place in your home, and possibly some educational classes with other adoptive families. You will also be required to have a physical exam, fingerprints, and a background check. The average time for completion of the home study is approximately three months.
How long will we have to wait for a adopted child?
The waiting period varies depending on several factors. If you are adopting a Caucasian newborn, many agencies have a waiting list of two to five years. This is due in part to the fact that adoptive parents and birthmothers are matched according to the requirements of both the adoptive parents and the birthmothers. Adopting a child of another race may reduce the waiting period significantly. International adoptions may take a year or more depending on the requirements of the foreign country.
When is the adoption finalized?
After the parental rights of the birthparents have been terminated, the child has been in the home for at least six months, and the social worker has submitted a recommendation for approval, a judge will finalize the adoption by awarding the adoptive parents all legal rights and responsibilities. This final step will vary with international adoptions as there are additional legal processes required, including those of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Information for Domestic and International Adoption in Arizona

For more information about our adoption site regarding an infant or international adoption, check out our website for more information. Contact our office in Phoenix for more details on Arizona Adoption Information. We also offer informative online seminars. You can find the schedule and RSVP on our Facebook page.

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