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The need for forever families for our nation’s foster children continues to grow. Preliminary 2016 estimates indicate that the number of children nationwide in foster care has risen for the fourth straight year in a row. In 2016, approx. 10,000 more children were in foster care than the previous year. Parental drug use continues to be one of the most prominent reasons children enter the foster care system (AFCARS, Oct. 2017).  Children do not thrive in the foster care system.  For children whose parental rights are severed, the need to adopt foster children is urgent.

There Are Not Enough Families to Adopt Foster Children Right Now

Unfortunately, adoption of foster children is not keeping pace with the increase of children in the foster care system, and the number of children waiting to be adopted rose for the fourth straight year as well to approx. 117,794 nationwide (AFCARS, Oct. 2017). Additionally, another fact of significant concern is that 28% of the children in foster care will remain in the system over two years.  Statistics illustrate that the longer a child remains in foster care, the poorer their future outcomes are.

It is heartbreaking to consider that there are this many children right here in the United States who do not have parents. The drug epidemic is truly taking a toll on our most precious resource – America’s children.  We urgently need loving families to open their hearts and homes to these precious foster children who have already experienced heartbreaking abuse or neglect. Adoption will give foster children the stable platform to grow and fulfill their potential. Adoption also changes the adoptive family forever, expanding loving hearts and increasing joy in the home.

Fostering is Not Required to Adopt a Foster Child

Contrary to what most believe to be true, it is not necessary to become a foster parent prior to being able to adopt a foster child. Direct adoption from the foster care system is possible.   It is also significantly less expensive than private adoption.  There is more information about the adoption process HERE.

At Building Arizona Families, we have a dedicated program to help find forever families for foster children. We are a licensed, accredited Arizona adoption agency and we invite you to learn more about Building Arizona Families Forever Families program. Click here to download a complimentary information kit. You are also welcome to reach out to our Program Coordinator, Ixcel Baca, by phone at (623) 696-9537 or by e-mail.

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