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There are millions of children around the world who desperately need a loving, stable family to adopt them and provide a future for them. Given how great the need is, how do you even begin to make the numerous choices involved in international adoption? Building Arizona Families specializes in helping families interested in adopting a child from Haiti or adopting a baby from Haiti. We are one of a select few American Haiti adoption agencies permitted to work with the Haiti government to facilitate adoptions.  Read more about our Haiti adoption program HERE.

Why Does Building Arizona Families Specialize in Helping Families Interested in Adopting a Child From Haiti?

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and has been decimated further by natural disasters.   Adopting a baby from Haiti absolutely provides a future that would otherwise be impossible to attain remaining in Haiti.

As you consider international adoption, the first decision is to choose the country you would like to adopt from. Most countries that are financially stable prefer adoption within their own countries. Adoption is not available in other countries for political reasons – Russia is an example of one such country.

The second decision is to choose a credible, licensed, and Hague accredited adoption agency like Building Arizona Families which can help you narrow down your choices. For Haiti Adoptions, the IBESR (the Central Authority for adoptions in Haiti) has chosen Building Arizona Families as one of only 19 U.S. adoption agencies to continue working as Haiti adoption agencies.

All countries that allow international adoption have specific guidelines, including marital status, age, income, and health. In most instances, travel is necessary for the adoptive family as the process requires time spent with the child as well as picking up the child to bring the child to the United States. This is true of families interested in adopting a baby from Haiti or adopting a child from Haiti as well.

If You Are Considering Adopting a Child From Haiti

Building Arizona Families specializes in helping families interested in adopting a child from Haiti. The country of Haiti has very specific guidelines for adoption. Opposite sex married couples with at least one parent age 30 and both parents not older than age 48 and 5 years of marriage or cohabitation OR single applicants age 35 to 48. Adopting a baby from Haiti or adopting a child from Haiti is a life changing event for infants and children up to twelve years of age.

Haiti Adoption Agencies May Be Able to Fast Track Adoption For Special Needs Children

Additionally, there is significant need for families interested in adopting a child from Haiti with special needs. Children with special needs may have easily correctable medical conditions or face more complex, lifelong challenges. Haiti adoption agencies are often able to fast track adoptions for children with special needs.

One of Just 19 Haiti Adoption Agencies Approved to Facilitate Adopting a Child From Haiti

As one of only 19 Haiti adoption agencies approved by the Haitian government, Building Arizona Families is grateful that you are considering international adoption and grateful for the time you have taken to find out more information about adopting a child from Haiti. We would love to visit with you further about how you can change a child’s life forever. We offer onsite seminars that answer all of your questions as well as online seminars. Additionally, we invite you to call Lisa Peterson, the Haiti Program Manager at 623-692-4424 or e-mail her HERE. We would be happy to set up a private meeting and answer any questions you have or personally take you through the online seminar. You can also find more information about the types of adoption, the child adoption process, and adoption costs on our website HERE.

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