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The challenges of COVID-19 have only increased the need for loving, forever families.  During times of crisis, vulnerable children are at greater risk.  For example, as parents experience increased stress like loss of income, the risks of abuse rise. Children in institutional care are more exposed to health hazards.  If you have ever thought about adoption, now is the time to step up, as the need is great. Don’t let adoption costs and adoption fees hinder your adoption journey. There are grants available to help defray the costs. Find out more HERE.

Building Arizona Families is here for every family wanting to grow and provide a forever home for a child in great need. Our Arizona licensed and internationally accredited, non-profit adoption agency offers various adoption programs with varied adoption costs.

Building Arizona Families Programs

Building Arizona Families provides adoptive and birth families with professional adoption services.  We offer adoption programs for families interested in domestic adoption of infants as well as international adoption from Haiti and the adoption of foster children of varied ages, sibling groups, and children with special needs. This includes direct adoption of children in foster care around the nation, infant adoption for Arizona babies, and international adoption of Haiti children.

Our newborn adoption program, also known as domestic adoption, helps place as many Arizona babies in safe and loving forever homes as possible. Parents around the U.S. are eligible to participate in our newborn adoption program.  In many cases, domestic adoption of newborns saves the life of an unborn child and provides a new, fresh start for a woman in crisis. Families adopting newborns will walk through the adoption process with the birth mother, facilitated by the caring Building Arizona Families case managers. Learn more about the life-changing newborn/domestic adoption program HERE.

Our Forever Families U.S. adoption program changes the future for foster children forever. The program connects loving families in Arizona with vulnerable foster children from around the United States. At any one time in the U.S., there are typically over 600,000 children in foster care, with an average of 125,000 waiting to be adopted, hoping, and praying for a safe and loving home right now. The need is urgent. Learn more about the Forever Families adoption program HERE. 

International adoption is another program that changes a child’s life forever. Children in Haiti are extremely vulnerable. Building Arizona Families is one of only 19 U.S. adoption agencies permitted to continue working in Haiti. Learn more about the international adoption program HERE.

Building Arizona Families Services

Our adoption agency also provides a variety of adoption services, including home studies, post-placement/adoption reports, and stepparent/relative adoptions. Visit our website HERE to read more about the services offered at Building Arizona Families. 

Building Arizona Families Adoption Cost and Adoption Fees

Building Arizona Families firmly believes in the transparency of providing our adoptive families upfront information about adoption fees and associated costs for our programs. Learn more about our adoption fees, adoption costs, and adoption processes HERE.

Please visit us HERE for details on each adoption program available at BAF. We also invite our families to attend one of our adoption seminars, onsite or online, that offers information for each type of adoption, detailed description of each, and adoption cost and adoption fees associated. Contact Lisa at 623-692-4424 or e-mail HERE for seminar information. Building Arizona Families would be honored to walk beside you as you begin your adoption journey! Learn more about us HERE.

About the Mission of Building Arizona Families

Building Arizona Families is dedicated to breaking down the barriers and obstacles of adoption and helping every child to find their forever family. Find out more HERE.  We believe in the beauty of adoption and the remarkable changes it makes in children’s lives forever. Many of our staff, including our founders, have personal experience with adoption. Many of our staff have either been adopted or have adopted to grow their forever families.

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