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National Adoption Awareness Month is here! November is the month to encourage people to learn about adoption, recognize the impacts adoption has, and share beautiful adoption stories. Building Arizona Families, a local Arizona adoption agency, loves to reminisce on the many adoptive journeys we have been a part of. From private adoption, international Haiti adoptions, and foster child adoptions, so many forever families and birth parents have been blessed through the process of adoption. Let’s celebrate everyone involved in the miracle of adoption this month!

Forever Families can Have Fun Celebrating National Adoption Awareness Month

Make time to celebrate adoption journeys during November. Everyone involved in adoption is beautiful and important. Adoptive families, birth parents, and our Arizona adoption agency work so hard to make the future bright for a child in need. 

Ways to celebrate adoption this month are-

– Retell your child’s adoption story to them and make a memory book

– Spread awareness through social media. Share your adoption story with others and use the hashtag #NationalAdoptionMonth in your posts

– Watch positive adoption-related movies 

– Read a book together that promotes adoption values

– Donate money or time to a local adoption agency or organizations supporting adoptions 

– Write a “Thank You” letter to your child’s birth parent(s) or social worker involved in your adoption journey

– Celebrate your child’s heritage

– Join local events or community outreach that is encouraging adoption  

– Educate yourself and people around you about adoption

Choose the Adoption Journey Right for You or Your Family with Building Arizona Families 

Together we can raise awareness for adoption and the beautiful legacies it creates. Building Arizona Families offers several types of adoption, and through education, we are committed to helping individuals and families choose the adoption journey right for them. 

Private adoption, also referred to as domestic/newborn adoption helps adoptive families and birth parents who are unable to parent connect and begin their adoption journey together. Learn more about our Domestic Adoption Program HERE.

Our Haiti adoption program helps find safe and loving forever homes for thousands of Haitian orphans in urgent need. We are dedicated to finding adoptive families across the United States who are ready to offer these vulnerable children a forever family. Learn more about our International Adoption Program HERE.

Adopting foster children is a great need right now in the United States. Over 13,000 children are in foster care in Arizona alone, and at any given time, there are over half a million children in foster care across the country.  Typically about one-third of these children are orphaned and desperately need a forever home and loving family. With our Forever Families U.S. Adoption Program, Arizona adoptive families do not need to be foster care certified but found legally eligible for adoption. To participate in our Forever Families US Adoption program, parents must reside in Arizona, but are eligible to adopt foster children from around the U.S. Learn more HERE. 

During National Adoption Month, please help us find as many forever homes for deserving children in need! Building Arizona Families is on a mission to place as many children in safe and loving forever homes as possible. Learn more about our Arizona adoption agency HERE. 

Our Licensed, Accredited Arizona Adoption Agency is Honored to Serve You in Private Adoption, Haiti Adoption, or to Adopt a Foster Child

We would be honored to serve you on your adoption journey. If you would like general information and/or have not decided what type of adoption is right for you, our adoption agency offers onsite seminars that answer all of your questions. You can also read more about us HERE.

We also offer online seminars for those who can’t travel to Phoenix for the onsite seminar. You can call Lisa at 623-692-4424 or e-mail HERE for seminar information and have your other questions answered. Building Arizona Families looks forward to serving you!

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