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If you live in Arizona and are experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy and do not believe you can parent right now, adoption might be the best option for your unborn child.  An Arizona adoption plan can help you make informed choices about what is best for you and your baby.

There are Many Benefits to an Arizona Adoption Plan

An Arizona adoption plan involves developing a plan for your unborn child to be raised by a loving family in a stable home.  Through adoption, your child becomes a full legal member of the adoptive family.  You can read more about adoption here.

Included in your Arizona adoption plan are details about your preferences for the adoptive family.  This can include race, religion, marital status, medical history, finances, etc.  Birth parents also choose whether they want to remain in contact with their child after the baby is placed and the region of the country the family lives in.

Creating your Arizona adoption plan should be done in conjunction with an adoption professional.  The process of creating the plan can help birth parents clarify their wishes for their child’s future, providing reassurance about the decision to place your baby for adoption, and then the peace of mind that your child will be raised in the best possible way, according to your wishes for their future. 

Building Arizona Families is Here to Support You on Your Adoption Journey

The experienced staff at Building Arizona Families has helped hundreds of women create their Arizona adoption plans.  We have numerous videos of birth parents sharing their stories about placing their babies for adoption.  You can view them here.   

If you have questions about adoption, we are here to help.  You can call or text 24/7 – we are here to help.  The phone number is 623-695-4112.   You can also find more information on our website at www.pregnancyhelpaz.org. 

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