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Did you know that the many of our staff has either adopted children or were adopted themselves? We are personally invested in finding forever families for children who are hoping and praying for a family to open their hearts and homes to them forever. Whether you are considering adopting a baby, adopting foster children, or adopting a child from Haiti, Building Arizona Families has the compassionate experience to walk with you through the child adoption process.

Why Adopting a Baby Through Building Arizona Families is Such a Positive Experience

Becky Merryman, Program Manager for Building Arizona Families Domestic/Newborn Adoption Program, serves families interesting in adopting a baby. Why? Because she and her husband have adopted two babies of their own! Becky will provide careful oversight of the child adoption process for the families she serves. You can watch Becky and her husband share some of their personal journey towards adopting a baby HERE.

The Child Adoption Process Varies From Family to Family, But We Will Walk Beside You

Katie and Jonathan chose Building Arizona Families to walk beside them in adopting a baby. Here is what they had to say, “Building Arizona Families has been tremendous in helping us realize our dream of beginning our family. All of our social workers were helpful and available whenever we needed them. They stayed with us throughout all of the ups and downs of the child adoption process. Even when we went to the hospital to meet our baby girl, they were there throughout every step of the way…”

Lisa Peterson, Program Manager for Building Arizona Families Haiti Adoption Process, had one of her families describe international adoption as saving starfish. Here is what they said about the international child adoption process, “My daughter is a starfish. She is a beautiful creature. She was made perfectly and brings joy to so many people. She has a purpose even though I don’t yet know what that is. She was broken by the socioeconomic system that she was born into. Lack of employment and empty tummies made her life more difficult. Had the social system not made a way for her, she too would be left for dead until we came along to throw her back into the water where she can thrive. The crazy thing is that even though she is the one who needed saving, just by simply existing, she has made our world a more beautiful place.” Read more about Lisa’s family’s starfish story HERE.

Foster Children Need Families

Ixcel Baca, the Program Manager for our Forever Families US program, is passionate about sharing the urgent need for US foster children to be adopted. Building Arizona Families helps Arizona families adopt foster children from around the country. In Arizona alone, there are over 13,000 foster children in the state foster care system. There are an estimated 300,000 foster children in the United States. Ixcel tells families interested in adoption about foster children needing loving permanent homes and the bright future it creates for children who would not have one otherwise. Statistics illustrate that foster children who are not adopted but “age out” of the system are more vulnerable to drug use, homelessness, and mental instability, to name just a few of the negative impacts not having a family causes.

The Child Adoption Process for Foster Children

The foster child adoption process is less expensive than other adoptions. Additionally, children adopted out of foster care receive some government benefits until they become adults. Benefits vary from state to state and by specific needs of the child, and do include free healthcare until the age of 26. Go HERE for government information.  To read more about the child adoption process for foster children, go HERE.

Why Choose Building Arizona Families to Walk With You Through the Child Adoption Process?

It’s personal, it’s professional, and it’s our mission to serve your family and find forever families for children together! We would love the opportunity to visit with you about your adoption goals and answer any questions you might have. Our Phoenix AZ adoption agency location regularly offers onsite adoption seminars. We also offer online adoption seminars as our Arizona adoption agency serves the entire state of Arizona for families adopting foster children and the entire United States for newborn and international adoption. You can also find general adoption process information on our website HERE. We are available by phone at 623.692.4424 or by e-mail at lisa@buildingarizonafamilies.com.

We hope to visit with you soon! In the meantime, we invite you to watch our families share their Building Arizona Families adoption journey experiences HERE.

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