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Many families carry the pain of not being able to have biological children.  Adoptive parents often come to our Phoenix, AZ adoption agency after numerous heartbreaks and disappointments.  It is always amazing to watch the joy that adoption brings into the hearts and homes of loving families.  Adoption is always a beautiful gift, whether it be a birth mother selflessly placing her precious child with adoptive parents or adopting a child waiting in foster care or Haiti. All adoption journeys offer children a lifetime of love and safety that they may have never received. 

Building Arizona Families has the privilege of working with many wonderful adoptive parents and families. Since 2004, BAF has been helping loving families around the United States grow through adoption. The entire team at Building Arizona Families, our local adoption agency in Phoenix, AZ works hard for our adoptive families and celebrates with them when precious children are placed into their forever families. 

Building Arizona Families Offers Several Adoption Programs Fit for Every Family

Infants, foster children, and children in Haiti are waiting for a forever family. Adoptive parents around the United States have the opportunity to provide a beautiful future for these children through domestic (infant) adoption, foster child adoption, and Haiti adoption. 

Birth mothers are making a courageous and loving decision when they are unable to care for their unborn child and choose to give the beautiful gift of life to their baby through adoption. Learn more about the domestic (infant) adoption process HERE. 

Read Jennifer and Michael’s testimonial on their domestic adoption journey below:

“Building Arizona Families gave us and our son’s birthmother tremendous support during the entire child adoption process, including the match and hospital stay. It made all the difference in having a successful placement. We are so thankful to them for helping us bring our baby boy home!

Thank you


In Arizona alone, over 13,000 foster children have no idea what their future looks like and if they will ever feel love. Children need a life of love and safety to become flourishing adults. A child’s life can be extraordinarily changed when adopted by loving adoptive parents. Read more about how you can change a foster child’s life forever HERE. 

There are many children in Haiti who are waiting for a safe and loving home. Our Phoenix, AZ adoption agency is passionate about finding a forever home for every child in need. Learn more about Haiti adoption HERE. 

Read more about the inspiring adoption journey of Nancy and Red when adopting their two nieces from Haiti after the untimely death of Nancy’s sister. You can read their story HERE. 

We love the shared stories and experiences from all our growing BAF families. We have had the honor to walk alongside so many during their adoption journeys. Read more Building Arizona Families testimonials HERE. 

Our Local Phoenix AZ Adoption Agency Believes in Supporting Our Families Adopting a Newborn, Foster Child, or Child in Haiti

Building Arizona Families is a licensed, accredited Phoenix, AZ adoption agency offering adoption services around the United States. We believe in the beauty of adoption and the fantastic changes it makes in children’s lives forever. Many of our staff, including our founders, have personal experience with adoption. Many have either been adopted or have adopted a baby to grow their forever families.

Building Arizona Families offers several adoption programs for families to choose what best fits them and their family. Please visit us HERE for details on each adoption program available at BAF. We also invite our families to attend one of our adoption seminars, onsite or online, that offers information for each type of adoption, a detailed description of each, and adoption cost and adoption fees associated. Contact Lisa at 623-692-4424 or e-mail HERE for seminar information. Building Arizona Families would be honored to walk beside you as you begin your adoption journey! Learn more about us HERE. 

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