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From the Desk of Kelly Rourke-Scarry, MSW 

Dear Friend,

While many of us are rejoicing watching our home values rise, there is another side of the story that can determine whether a baby is given the chance to be born.  

Rents in Phoenix are dramatically rising, forcing low income earners into homelessness.  Homelessness in Maricopa County has increased by 25% every year for the past five years. Once someone becomes homeless, holding a job becomes nearly impossible, particularly if it is a mom with children.

A recent story on Channel 3/5 highlighted Rebecca Young, working two jobs with a son, living in her truck behind a Circle K.  It still wasn’t enough to pay for rent, which is now averaging over $1000 for a basic one bedroom apartment. Rebecca has an apartment now, but knows she is one paycheck away from being on the streets again. 

If Rebecca had found herself pregnant while homeless, caring for her son, and working two jobs, the risk for her unborn baby would have been very high. 

Adoption, Building Arizona Families

You see, it’s not just addicted women or women with mental health issues who are pregnant and on the streets.  It’s every day Arizonans trying to pay the bills who now sleep on the light rail, in a tent, or on a park bench. With the current housing crisis, and temperatures heating up in the Valley, it is more important than ever that Building Arizona Families is there to assist pregnant women, especially if they are homeless.  Our shelters are overflowing and tent cities are growing. It’s why Building Arizona Families wants pregnant women in crisis to know that we just a phone call or text away. We can provide emergency housing, food, clothing, healthcare and transportation for these vulnerable women and children.  73% of the women who choose abortion cite the inability to financially care for a baby as their primary reason for aborting their child. 

It’s hard to believe that a baby’s life or death can hang in the balance with a paycheck.  You can’t put a price tag on a human life, and we have to do everything we can to give every baby we can the God given right to life. Can you help us prevent abortion and help at risk pregnant women move forward to a brighter future?   $127.00 is all it takes. Or perhaps you will consider $127.00 as a recurring monthly gift, knowing that you are the reason unborn babies are given the gift of life?

If you can sponsor one vulnerable pregnant woman and protect her unborn child, you will truly be saving a baby’s life.  It’s hard to put a price tag on the difference just $127.00 makes.  And if that is too much, just know that every dollar counts in meeting this urgent need.  With homelessness rising, the risks of abortion are rising. Please join us in saving innocent babies. And, remember that your gift of any amount is tax deductible.  Please forward the newsletter to friends and family who will join us in protecting the lives of unborn babies.

As always, I am available 24/7/365 to talk with a women experiencing a crisis pregnancy.  Please share my personal cell number.  My cell is 623.695.4112.  Women can text or call me. 

Saving and changing lives together,

Kelly Rourke-Scarry


Building Arizona Families



adoption placements 


During the month of April, Building Arizona Families did not place any newborns with adoptive families. We have hundreds of families waiting to adopt babies, and hundreds of pregnant women in crisis that don’t know we can help.  It’s why we need your most generous gift to help us reach the growing number of pregnant, homeless women in our state.

Yes! I will help save unborn babies!

birth MOther adoption stories




Adoption, Building Arizona Families

Lindsay fled an abusive relationship and found herself pregnant and homeless.  Lindsay was also addicted, and couldn’t kick the addiction on her own.  Her family pressured her to get an abortion. She reached out to Building Arizona Families, who became the family she needed to get off the streets, kick her addiction, and deliver a healthy baby boy who is now being raised by a wonderful family.  Her decision to place her son for adoption was the hardest choice she has ever made, but she is proud of her decision to give him the gift of life and a bright future. In her interview, she shares about how Building Arizona Families has changed her life and the life of her son.

Watch Lindsay’s Story Here


birth mother matters adoption radio

Abortion updates & abortion impact 

Adoption, Building Arizona Families

So many states are introducing new bills regarding abortion. These bills are geared to restrict abortion and save lives. Listen and learn about what is happening around you, the decrease of abortions these bills can create, and the possibilities for more unborn babies to be given the opportunity to live! Listen to the rest of the podcast to learn more.





    Please join us in helping to change the lives of pregnant women in crisis who courageously choose to put their unborn child’s life above their own through the selfless choice of adoption.  They choose life for their unborn child.  Now, let’s help them have the bright future they deserve.  Click below to join us in changing lives. 

    Donna K Evans Foundation  

    We need sponsors to help cover the cost of the educational outreach.  No tax deductible contribution is too small.  We also need volunteers! There are also downloadable resources on the website with facts about adoption that you can share with others. Join the You Before Me movement to save the lives of unborn babies and provide a fresh start in life for birth mothers who need encouraging, practical support. 




    Upcoming Adoption Information Seminar

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    Sat. June 19th, 10am – 12pm MST
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    Thurs., June 24, 2021, 3 pm MST
    Domestic Adoption Informational Seminar
    Specific for Home Study Complete Families to Learn More About Domestic Newborn Adoption
    Location – Online

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    Facts About Building Arizona Families

    • Established in 2004
    • Hague Accredited
    • Co-Founded by two members of the adoption triad
    • Established an Aftercare Program for birth mothers
    • Provide both open and closed adoptions
    • Work with birth mothers throughout the entire state of Arizona
    • Work with families across the United States
    • Use “Child Connect” for post adoption communication
    • Have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau
    • Host a non-perishable food bank at our facility
    • Have a clothing closet for birth mothers
    • Assist our birth mothers in providing Christmas presents for their children
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