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Adopting a Baby – the Wonderful Choice of Love


Adopting a baby is a miraculous experience where love blossoms and grows over a lifetime for both the adoptive parents and the child. The moment a prospective parent makes the decision to move toward baby adoption, the building of a long-lasting, loving relationship begins. Adoption is a wonderful choice of love.

Process for Adopting a Baby

To work with our adoption agency, parents can live anywhere in the U.S. The birth mother placing her baby for adoption must reside in Arizona so that we can provide the support needed during her pregnancy.

Adoptive parents don’t have to be wealthy. They do need to have to have a safe, healthy home environment that demonstrates they are stable, emotionally healthy, responsible, and loving. Parents seeking to adopt a baby through Building Arizona Families adoption agency go through a rigorous background check and home study that assures the baby will be placed in a healthy, nurturing environment.

Our experienced team will walk you through the steps to adopt a baby, including identifying the characteristics of the baby you want to adopt, the type of relationship you would like to have with the birth mother in the future (open or closed adoption), the legal process, and more. Building Arizona Families offers a myriad of educational options to learn more about the process and requirements to adopt a baby, including some of the practicalities of adoption, bonding, building a relationship with the birth mother (if desired), and preparing yourself for the adoption journey ahead.

Next Steps to Adopt a Baby

Building Arizona Families is a licensed, private non-profit adoption agency that offers our newborn adoption services to families around the United States. We invite you to reach out to our Domestic Adoption Program Manager, Becky Merryman, by phone or e-mail at 623-224-1815. We have numerous online seminars. To find one that matches your schedule, go to our Facebook page HERE and click on the Events tab. You can also download a complimentary information kit about adopting a baby to find out more about the process, services, and costs of the program HERE.

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