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Children enter foster care through no fault of their own because of abuse and/or neglect. They need your help! Building Arizona Families is privileged to help Arizona families seeking to adopt foster children throughout the United States. Our mission is to find adoptive homes for as many children in foster care as we possibly can. Loving forever families provide a beautiful life for a child in need through adopting foster children. Every child needs a home full of love, warmth, and support. Blessing a vulnerable foster child with a  safe home and loving family can inspire others to do the same.

Each year, over 20,000 children in foster care age out of the system without a permanent family. After leaving foster care at 18 years old, these children continue to face abuse and neglect in their lives. Families are stepping up and changing some of these children’s lives every day, and we need more families just like them to adopt foster children and give them a brighter future full of love and opportunity.

Building Arizona Families is Changing Lives

Adopt foster childrenThere are many beautiful adoption stories Building Arizona Families can share. Arizona families are brought closer together by choosing to open their lives to adopt foster children. Jessica and Chris were one of these families to step up for a foster child desperately wishing for a safe, loving forever family. They welcomed Raiden lovingly into their home and gave him the security and identity of a loving family that he had never known before. This selfless decision changed the course of Raiden’s life. He will grow up secure in the love of family, which will launch him into a bright future.  Watch Raiden’s story HERE.

Children in the foster care system are just children – they haven’t done anything wrong.  They desperately want love, acceptance, and to be treated like they matter. They don’t want to move from place to place with their belongings in a garbage bag.  They don’t want to have to keep switching schools.  They want bicycles, pets, and to get to go to a ball game or the movies.  They want to be treated like children who have families that love them. With close to 500,000 children still in foster care in the United States, the need is urgent. Building Arizona Families wants to find as many of these children forever homes before they age out and no longer have the chance.

Foster Children Are Just Children Wanting Love and Acceptance

Almost half a million children are waiting every day for someone to adopt them and change the life they are living. Will you be the one to change their story and adopt foster children? Learn more about the forever families program Building Arizona Families offers to adopt foster children HERE. You can change the life of a foster child forever!

Building Arizona Families invites you to consider adopting a foster child. Remember, contrary to what many people believe, you do not have to foster to adopt foster children. We will help you walk through the direct adoption of children in the foster care system. Download our foster child adoption info kit HERE.

We also invite you to attend one of our informative adoption seminars. You can reach out to Ixcel Baca, Program Coordinator, directly and ask any questions you might have. Ixcel would love to hear from you! You can reach Ixcel at (623) 696-9537 or by e-mailing her at ixcelbaca@buildingarizonafamilies.com.



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