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As of May 2020, Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Without adequate food, health care, and education,  “A child born today in Haiti will be only 45 percent as productive when she grows up as she could be if she had enjoyed full health and education.” (World Bank Human Index). Adopting a child from Haiti provides a secure, healthy life with many of the resources they need to succeed that are unavailable in their homeland. 

Educational outcomes for Haitian children unfortunately do not provide the platform they need to succeed. “On average Haitian children attend 11.4 years of school by age 18, which is equivalent of 6.3 years of adjusted learning and is the lowest score in the region” (World Bank Human Index). Thousands of vulnerable Haiti children are hoping for the opportunity to have a productive future. They are hoping and praying for a loving family to adopt them. Haiti adoption gives a child the life they deserve and a better future with their adoptive family.

Finding the Right International Haiti Adoption Agency 

Thank you so much for considering adopting a precious child from Haiti.  It will truly be life-changing for the child and for your family as well! When making the beautiful decision to begin your Haiti adoption journey, choosing the right international adoption agency is an essential first step. Above all else, the right adoption agency is appropriately certified, accredited, and licensed. An adoption agency should be committed to providing high levels of service and communication during the adoption process.

Building Arizona Families’ Arizona Adoption Agency is Hague Accredited

We are a licensed, non-profit, internationally Hague accredited adoption agency dedicated to finding children of Haiti safe and loving homes. Hague accreditation means an adoption agency goes through a rigorous evaluation by an accredited organization. Hague accreditation is an international standard ratified by over 75 countries. Its purpose is to provide protection for children, birth parents, and adoptive parents while supporting international adoption as a means for homeless children to receive permanent, loving families. Being Hague accredited means an agency is operating under the highest ethical standards and practices. 

Building Arizona Families is One of a Chosen Few

Since 2005, we have been working alongside forever families to facilitate adopting a child from Haiti. We have been chosen as one of a small number of U.S. adoption agencies to continue working in Haiti. Building Arizona Families has a hands-on presence in Haiti.  Our commitment to breaking down barriers helps our adoptive families Haiti adoption succeed.  Learn more HERE.

We Walk Alongside You During Your International Haiti Adoption Journey

There are adoption requirements that must be met to adopt a child from Haiti. Such as financial stability to care for the child, no one in the household can have any unlawful activity in their background, and age requirements for married couples and single applicants. See a full list of Haiti adoption requirements HERE.

Building Arizona Families walks with our adoptive families, assisting with the extensive amount of dossier paperwork required to adopt a child from Haiti. A dossier is a compilation of documents required for government authentication. Learn more about the dossier paperwork preparation HERE. A professional home study report is also required for the dossier preparation. Read more about home studies Building Arizona Families offers for Arizona residents only, HERE.

International Haiti Adoption is a Wonderful Way to Build a Forever Family

Building Arizona Families provides expertise in the international adoption process.  We also support our adoptive families with responsive, proactive service and communication throughout the entire process.

For more information on our international Haiti adoption program, visit us HERE. Let us know how we can better help you start your adoption journey HERE. We also invite you to attend one of our informative adoption seminars. Contact Lisa Peterson, Haiti Adoption Program Manager, for more information on the Haiti adoption process at lisa@buildingarizonafamilies.com, or call her at 623-692-4424.

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