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Due to recent health concerns, many people are experiencing what it’s like to have a lack of supplies, creating the need to ration. For some, though, a life with little food, water, and hygiene is a daily reality. Imagine a child not having clean water when he is thirsty or food when he is hungry. For the first time, many Americans are learning how it feels to go without, to not have what we consider, basic needs that we have been accustomed to being readily available. Consider Haiti adoption –  a short flight from the United States and sharing a border with the Dominican Republic.  Their country has been ravaged by natural disasters, and many children go without the basic necessities of life.  These precious children deserve a full life and the opportunity to become prosperous adults, just like all children should. Haiti adoption provides the future every child deserves, giving them the love, support, and safety necessary to change the course of their future forever. 

Thousands of precious Haitian children are praying for a loving family. Can you open your heart and home to provide hope and a future for these precious children? Building Arizona Families is a non-profit, Hague accredited adoption agency with years of experience helping families through international adoption. We gladly work with U.S families in any state through our Haiti adoption program. Every child deserves a chance to feel loved and safe.

Adopting Internationally May Look Different Right Now, but Haitian Children Still Need Us! 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions to society. Traveling has been significantly affected by the pandemic. Families who are adopting internationally from Haiti may be experiencing travel delays at this time. Our international adoption agency is working with our adoptive families and the Haitian government to navigate the adoption journey during this unforeseen time. 

Families seeking Haiti adoption are more than welcome to start their adoption journey right now. We can provide all necessary information to get started on your international adoption from Haiti. 

Vulnerable children in Haiti still need us! The COVID-19 pandemic may have put a delay on travel, slowing down visits to adoptive children, but children throughout Haiti are still hoping and praying for a family every day.  We can’t allow these roadblocks to stop us from providing the unconditional love and prosperous future these children desperately need.

Learn more about how you can start your Haiti adoption HERE. Building Arizona Families would be honored to walk with you on your international adoption journey every step of the way. Building Arizona Families is working hard for the loving families who are opening their hearts and homes and the countless children needing families!

Building Arizona Families is Serving Our Families on Their Haiti Adoption Journeys 

We provide international adoption services for families across the USA. Building Arizona Families supports adoptive families with responsive, proactive service and communication. It is our mission to place as many children as possible into loving families, and it is a joy to help families grow. We are one of only 19 U.S. adoption agencies allowed to continue working in Haiti. We are internationally accredited through the Hague Convention, we meet with their high standards for international adoption agencies. Since 2005, we have been working alongside the Haiti government and the loving families adopting precious children from Haiti. 

For more information on how you can adopt a child from Haiti, visit us HERE. Let us know how we can better help you start your adoption journey HERE. Contact Lisa Peterson, Haiti Adoption Program Manager, HERE for more information on the Haiti adoption process or learn more about upcoming seminars, or call her at 623-692-4424. Building Arizona Families thanks you for entrusting us with your adoption journey and the chance to help your family grow!

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