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When adopting children from Haiti, forever families can begin to provide children with the love and attention they deserve. But forever families also provide essential life necessities for children they may commonly go without. Every child deserves a chance at a family, especially at this time. Adoption provides love, community, and connection.

Even with all that is going on right now, our Haiti team is communicating with our partners and parents daily. We understand the anxiety and uncertainty that this outbreak can produce, but we also encourage families to be optimists. Where can we see the opportunity in a difficult time to grow and learn? Times like this can show us where we need to learn to become better versions of ourselves, and it also can show us where we are stronger in one area or another—stronger and more resilient than we ever knew.

Hopeful Adoptive Parents can Still Adopt During This Unique Time

Although a family might be sheltered-in at this time, that doesn’t mean they cannot move forward in their wish to become a parent to a child in need. In fact, hopeful adoptive families can begin the adoption process now and can seize the opportunity to show themselves in a unique light and to tell their story in a very human way. Not only will others be able to relate, but hopeful adoptive parents could use this unique moment in time to show just how calm, cool, and collected they will be as parents. Yes, we all do look a little less put together than we may want to present ourselves, but perfection doesn’t define love, community, and connection. This is a once in a lifetime situation that is playing out each day before our eyes. As we continue doing home studies for our families (read more about home studies HERE) and working with hopeful parents, our approach will be gentle and our advice will be simple: If you are ready, adopting children from Haiti now is a great time to showcase yourself in an honest light. Real people build real families founded in love.

Building Arizona Families Guides Families Adopting Children From Haiti

If you have found at this time you are ready to provide a safe, healthy, loving forever home for a vulnerable Haitian child, we invite you to consider Building Arizona Families adoption agency to walk with you on your international adoption journey. Since 2005, we have been working alongside forever families adopting children from Haiti. Building Arizona Families supports adoptive families with responsive, proactive service and communication. It is our mission to place as many children as possible into loving families, and it is a joy to help families grow. As an agency approved to work in Haiti, we are Hague accredited and operate with the highest standards in adoption.

The Mission of Building Arizona Families is to Help Forever Families Grow

For more information on how you can adopt a child from Haiti, visit us HERE. Let us know how we can better help you start your adoption journey HERE. Contact Lisa, Haiti’s Adoption Program Manager, HERE for more information on the Haiti adoption process or learn more about upcoming seminars, or call her at 623-692-4424. Building Arizona Families thanks you for entrusting us with your adoption journey and the chance to help your family grow by adopting children from Haiti!

We are all in this together and we are all realizing that it is the little things that make a difference in how we think and feel and what we can do to change the future for ourselves and a child in need. 

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