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There is Nothing More Wonderful Than Adopting a Baby

Newborn adoption means holding a precious baby in your arms soon after he or she is born, looking into beautiful eyes, and touching baby soft skin in wonder, marvelling at the miracle you hold so close. Adopting a baby is the answer to a parent’s prayers who have been unable to conceive, those for whom pregnancy is not an option, and for loving people who want to give a precious newborn baby a stable home and bright future.

These are the moments that take one’s breath away. Adopting a baby truly is a miracle. We consider it a blessing of three – the courageous birth mother who will know for the rest of her life that she gave her baby the gift of life and a bright future, the adoptive parents whose arms have been aching to hold a baby of their own, and of course the precious baby who will be surrounded by love and blessed with opportunity.

The Newborn Adoption Program at Building Arizona Families

Testimony after testimony from the birth mothers we have served at Building Arizona Families illustrate how the newborn adoption program has changed their lives for the better. We provide food, clothing, shelter if needed, transportation, counseling, and arrange for health care so that the birth mother can be lovingly provided for and supported on her courageous aodption journey. After the baby is born, we continue to care for birth mothers through the Donna K. Evans Foundation, providing job counseling, school enrollment support, support groups, food and clothing to help birth mothers make a fresh start into a promising future.

Building Arizona Families is a licensed, private non-profit adoption agency that offers our newborn adoption services to families around the United States. For the parents adopting a baby, our program includes education, support, and guidance through the numerous choices to be made in the newborn adoption process. Adoptive parents will need to complete a home study with one our caseworkers for domestic adoption in Arizona. If you live outside of Arizona, you will need to complete your case study in the state where you live. You can download a complimentary information kit and find out more about the process, services, and costs for the program HERE.

Register for an Online Seminar or Reach Out Today to Get Started on Your Adoption Journey

We have numerous online seminars. To find one that matches your schedule, go to our Facebook page and click on the events tab. We also invite you to reach out to Becky Merryman, the Domestic Newborn Adoption program manager. You are welcome to call Becky at 623-224-1815 or e-mail her HERE.

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