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We can help you find a child to adopt through foster care.  Around the U.S., children urgently need loving forever families.  These children have entered the foster care system because they have been the victims of abuse and neglect.  When this happens, the state agency where the child resides does their best to help the birth parents remedy the issues that could cause their child to enter foster care.  If the parents are unwilling or unable to make the necessary adjustments to keep the child safe, however, the state moves forward to sever parental rights, and the child becomes available for adoption.

Children in foster care range from ages 2 – 18, with the greatest need for those five and older.  At Building Arizona Families, we can help Arizona families find a child to adopt from any state within the U.S.  It should be noted that the older the child is, the more likely it is that they will spend long periods of time in the foster care system and possibly age out of the system without being adopted.  Conversely, the younger the child is, the greater the likelihood of adoption in a more condensed time frame. 

Adopting Foster Children is a Beautiful Gift for Forever Families

If you want to find a child to adopt through foster care, please know that you will be changing that child’s life forever.  It is a beautiful gift to offer unconditional love and the gift of belonging to a nurturing family.  There is a great deal of information on our website about adoption through the foster care system, and a free, downloadable information kit is available here.   We invite you to review the information and register for one of our informative online adoption seminars.  You can view available dates and RSVP here.   Additionally, please feel free to reach out to our Forever Families program manager, Ixcel Baca, by cell phone at 623-696-9537 or by e-mail at ixcelbaca@buildingarizonafamilies.com.

Building Arizona Families has been serving families since 2004, and we enjoy an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  More importantly, we are a licensed adoption agency through the Arizona Department of Child Safety’s Office of Licensing and Regulation.  This means our adoption agency meets the criteria to facilitate adoptions and illustrates that we operate in the best interest of the children we serve.  Please find out more about our licensed adoption agency HERE.  Please reach out with any questions you have; it would be our privilege to serve you and your family!

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