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Adopting a child gives that child a stable future. Adopting a child from Haiti saves that child’s life. In 2017 data, Haiti ranks 27th globally for mortality of children under age 5, a higher mortality rate than countries like Sudan, Ethiopia, Iraq, and Bangladesh. Haiti has the highest poverty rate of any Western Hemisphere country. Roughly one quarter of Haiti’s children live life without parents. Many Haiti children live on the streets, while the fortunate ones live in orphanages hoping and praying for forever families. As one of just a few agencies approved by the Haitian government to serve as Haiti adoption agencies, Building Arizona Families can testify firsthand that adopting a child from Haiti truly saves a child’s life. If you are considering adoption, we are so grateful and will walk with you through the Haiti adoption process, assisting you in meeting the Haiti adoption requirements.

Only a Few Internationally Accredited Haiti Adoption Agencies

Building Arizona Families is one of only 19 U.S. adoption agencies permitted to serve as a Haiti adoption agency. We are licensed, internationally accredited (Hague accredited), and non-profit. Building Arizona Families is also committed to providing humanitarian aid to Haiti and to acting in the best interest of the precious Haitian children we serve.

Haiti Adoption Requirements for Prospective Haiti Adoption

Haiti adoptions are governed by the IBESR – Haiti’s Central Authority for adoptions. Haiti adoption requirements for prospective adoptive families from IBESR include: opposite sex married couples with at least one parent age 30 or older, but both parents not older than 48. Couples must be married or have cohabitated at least five years. Single applicants must be between ages 35 – 38. For more information on Haiti adoption requirements, go HERE.

Children Available for Adoption

Children available for adoption include healthy infants and children up to 12 years of age. Sibling groups are also available for adoption, as well as children with special needs. Most of the children available for adoption do not have any permanent health or developmental concerns and effects of drug or alcohol abuse are very rare. All children are also tested for HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis, and sickle cell anemia. For additional information on the process of adopting a child from Haiti, go HERE.

The Haitian children are beautiful, and their culture is warm and welcoming. These children deserve to be safe, loved, and to have a bright future. If you are considering Haiti adoption, we would be honored to walk with you. Together we can make sure that these precious Haitian children have loving, safe families and bright futures.

We offer onsite seminars that answer all of your questions as well as online seminars. Call Lisa Peterson, the Haiti Program Manager at 623-692-4424 or e-mail her HERE. Download our Haiti adoption information kit – CLICK HERE. It provides basic information on eligibility, requirements, processes, and costs of adopting a child from Haiti.

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