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International adoption rates have declined by 70% since 2005. This significant decline has created a negative impact on the vast number of children needing homes throughout the world. International adoption is a beautiful way for children, who often live in abject poverty, to grow up in with greater life opportunities.

Despite the falling global adoption rates, international adoption in Haiti has remained strong, creating opportunities for orphaned children. We are grateful for the support of the Haiti government and the orphanages which care for the children before they are adopted. Because of our strong relationships with the Haitian government, Building Arizona Families is honored to be one of just a handful of U.S. adoption agencies that are permitted to provide international adoption services for the children of Haiti.

The Declining Adoption Rates Affect Children Around The World

By 2015, international adoption dropped 72% percent from 2005 due to countries changing influential laws on adoption. Countries like Romania, Guatemala, Russia, and China were all former leaders in international adoption but began to cut back or prevent international adoption. In 2005, almost 46,000 children were adopted with nearly half of those children finding their forever family in the United States. Sadly, in 2015 this number dropped down to a mere 12,000 in total, with only a little over 5,000 children finding the United States as their new home. Since the U.S. Department of State assumed responsibility for the oversight of inter-country adoption in 2008, the number of abandoned, orphaned, and vulnerable children around the world extended into the tens of millions, yet the number of children adopted by American citizens continues to decrease annually under their oversight, to a new historic low of 4,059 in 2018.

No matter what the reason for this drastic decline, there are children all around the world in desperate need of a safe and loving home. We remain grateful to the government of Haiti for recognizing the need to provide orphans with the opportunity for a better life through Haiti international adoption.

Save a Child From Less Fortunate Living Conditions with Haiti International Adoption

Due to economic conditions and natural catastrophes, there are not enough families or homes in Haiti available to care for Haitian children in need. Every Haitian child deserves the opportunity to feel loved and safe with a forever family. This is where we need your help! Building Arizona Families is looking for loving adoptive families across the United States who are ready to offer a Haitian child a reliable, permanent forever family. As a non-profit, Hague accredited adoption agency, we assist families across the United States as they commit to changing a child’s life and begin their Haiti international adoption journey.

Helping Forever Families Grow Through International Adoption

Building Arizona Families helps families grow through the beautiful gift of international adoption. We have received the highest level of international accreditation,Hague accreditation, and provide our families with the highest level of service and communication. With over 12 years of experience in Haiti, we have hands-on connections that benefit our adoptive families. Learn more about our Haiti international adoption program HERE.

Building Arizona Families takes the time to guide you through the Haiti adoption process. As a licensed, non-profit, Hague accredited adoption agency, we are able to work with families in any state through our Haiti adoptions program.

Let us know how we can better help you start your adoption journey HERE. Contact Lisa Peterson, Haiti Adoption Program Manager, for more information on the Haiti adoption process HERE, or call her at 623-692-4424.




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