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Are you wondering how to start an adoption process in the U.S.? Building Arizona Families, a licensed and accredited adoption agency has been helping adoptive families since 2004. We are here to help you navigate this path. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to start an adoption process in the U.S.

1. Research and Education: Before diving into the adoption process specifics, you should be aware of the different types of adoptions available in the U.S. Domestic adoption typically refers to the private adoption of newborns, international adoption refers to children who are not U.S citizens, and foster care adoption refers to children who are in the care of the foster care system and whose parental rights are severed. Research the types of adoptions and determine which type best suits you.

2. Assess Your Eligibility: The specifics of how to start an adoption process in the U.S. depend on the type of adoption you choose. Each adoption program has specific eligibility criteria. Standard requirements include age, physical and mental health, financial stability, and the ability to pass a criminal background check.

3. Choose the Type of Adoption: Determine which type of adoption – domestic, international, or foster child- best aligns with your family’s goals and circumstances. Building Arizona Families offers convenient, complimentary online seminars about adoption and provides in-depth information about the types of adoption and associated requirements. View the schedule and RSVP HERE.

4. Select an Adoption Agency: Choose a reputable adoption agency that specializes in the type of adoption you’ve decided on. Research their track record, reviews, and fees. Make sure the agency is licensed and accredited. Building Arizona Families is licensed and accredited, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and has served adoptive families since 2004.

5. Complete Required Paperwork: How to start an adoption process in the U.S. always returns to paperwork. Every adoption process involves extensive paperwork, background checks, and home studies. Be prepared to provide personal information, financial statements, and references as part of your application. Your caseworker at Building Arizona Families will walk you through this process. You can find out more about home studies and required documentation HERE.

6. Match with a Child: Once you are approved, your agency will work to match you with a child or a birth mother whose needs and preferences align with your family. This is a crucial step, and it may take time.

9. Legal Process: Included in the how to start an adoption process in the U.S. is the legal part of the adoption. This process includes court hearings, consent forms, and finalizing the adoption. Consult with an attorney experienced in adoption law to guide you through this phase. 

10. Embrace Parenthood: After the legal process is complete, you’ll officially become parents! Be prepared for an emotional and positively life-changing experience as you welcome your new family member.

Summarizing the How to Start an Adoption Process in the U.S. Guide

In summary, starting the adoption process involves researching, assessing eligibility, choosing an adoption type, selecting an agency, completing paperwork, attending training, undergoing a home study, matching with a child, navigating the legal process, and finally, embracing parenthood. Remember that the road may be long and challenging, but the rewards are immeasurable.

You are invited to attend one of our convenient online adoption seminars. The seminars will provide information on foster, newborn, and international adoptions. Find out dates and times HERE. Building Arizona is an internationally Hague-accredited, Arizona licensed adoption agency with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Please reach out at any time. You can call our offices at 623.936.4729 or e-mail us at info@buildingarizonafamilies.com. We would love to serve you and your family.

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