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Countless women struggle with the pressure of not being able to conceive. Infertility brings times of pain and hurt for women and couples alike. But the pain of infertility can begin to heal through adopting a baby in Arizona. 

If you have been researching your options or have only just thought about the path of adoption, Building Arizona Families is here from start to finish to make this process a joyful one. We want to see our families’ adoption journeys end in the joy of becoming a forever family.

Having Your Own Story 

Building Arizona Families knows just how hard it is to go through this time in your life. Many of our staff are adoptive parents. Each one has their own story of why adopting was the option they chose. Every person dealing with infertility has his or her own personal story, and at Building Arizona Families we are here to talk to you about the options available. 

Newborn or infant adoption is such a precious way to grow your forever family. If you want to know more about how to begin the process of adopting a baby in Arizona, please read more about the Adoption Process and how Building Arizona Families can help you.

Deciding To Build Your Forever Family Through Adoption 

Deciding to adopt is one of the most precious decisions a family can make. When adopting a baby through Building Arizona Families, adoptive parents are very involved in the adoption process. There are numerous preferences adoptive parents are able to choose, including ethnicity and the health of a child. Adoptive families can discuss what they are most comfortable with and if they are willing to adopt a child with more serious health needs. Having flexibility in preferences could allow for a quicker match.  

The waiting period for adopting a baby in Arizona is not predictable. In private adoption, families are matched according to birth parents’ preferences. Birth parents are actively involved in the process of selecting an adoptive family at Building Arizona Families. 

We have knowledgeable and skilled social workers that walk alongside adoptive parents for the adoption journey.

Newborn Adoption Arizona Services

Building Arizona Families, a licensed adoption agency, has been providing newborn adoption Arizona services as well as services around the United States since 2004. Newborn adoption in the United States is known as domestic adoption, and we have guided hundreds of families through the domestic adoption process. Building Arizona Families can work with families across the United States through its domestic newborn adoption program. 

We would be honored to walk beside you as you begin your adoption journey! Read more about newborn adoption HERE. You can also contact Becky Merryman, Domestic Adoption Program Manager at 623-224-1815 or through e-mail HERE.

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