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If you are looking for an Arizona adoption agency, Building Arizona Families would like to introduce our licensed adoption agency to you. We help families facilitate foster children and infant adoption. We are also a Hague accredited adoption agency that assists families with international adoptions from Haiti.

Building Arizona Families has been serving adoptive families since 2004. We also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. When families are trying to decide which adoption agency to choose, we think it is essential to understand what being a licensed adoption agency means and why it matters. The same is also true of being a Hauge accredited adoption agency and why it is essential. These designations are both indicators of the quality of the agency and signify that we pass stringent inspections and meet precise guidelines to provide adoption services.

Arizona Licensed Adoption Agency

Our offices are located in Phoenix, Arizona. The State of Arizona’s Department of Child Safety Child Welfare Licensing Unit has the licensing and regulatory authority over adoption agencies located in Arizona. As a licensed adoption agency, this regulation includes the types and costs of adoption services, recruitment methods for birth parents and adoptive parents, background checks and fingerprint cards, financial statements, and quality of the agency’s staffing. You can see why an Arizona adoption agency should hold a current state license as a system of accountability that protects the clients that it serves. We recommend that prospective adoptive families make sure they only work with a licensed adoption agency.

Hague Accredited Adoption Agency Requirements

Providing international adoption services creates an additional, very high level of scrutiny. As one might imagine, transferring children from one country to another must occur with the absolute best interests of the child kept first and foremost and with the utmost integrity in the process. Building Arizona Families undergoes rigorous inspections from the Intercountry Adoption Accreditation and Maintenance Entity as a Hague accredited adoption agency. Requirements include, but are not limited to, the agency holding state licensure, the agency’s CEO having appropriate education and experience, a board of directors, permanent record-keeping, providing proof of sound financial practices, and keeping all federal and state financial records reporting requirements. These are just a few of the requirements for accreditation that Building Arizona Families meets to ensure that international adoptions are transparent, ethical and that children are protected in the process. Being a Hague accredited adoption agency is crucial to the integrity of the international adoption process.

We hope that the above explanations, while brief, illustrate how important being a Hague accredited adoption agency is for international adoption. Being a licensed adoption agency is crucial for protecting all involved in the adoption process within the U.S. You can read more about the topic here.

Adoption is not a “one size fits all” process. It is a very personal decision, and adoptive families should weigh all options. Building Arizona Families offers adoption from the foster care system, adoption of newborn babies, and international adoption of children from Haiti. Our general contact information is available HERE. Our website has information about all three types of adoption and the appropriate contacts for each adoption program. Additionally, our licensed, Hague accredited adoption agency in Arizona offers numerous online seminars for convenient adoption education. We invite you to review the dates and times for the seminars on our Facebook Events tab HERE.

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