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As an international family adoption agency, Building Arizona Families recognizes that a common issue among children who are adopted internationally or from foster care is food hoarding or food issues. While it can be frustrating to deal with as a parent, there are some strategies to handling it successfully.

Our International Family Adoption Agency Supports Adoptive Parents and Parenting Children with Food Issues

The trauma of an experience, maybe years in the past, could still live with and haunt adopted children. They may have had a deep-seated belief they were going to starve. This belief propels them to take extra food when they are full, take a fist full of candy, or hide snacks under the bed. Here are a few key responses to food issues that may bring healthy results.

1. Compassion. Many adoptive parents can’t imagine what it was like to be starving as an infant, toddler, or youngster. Remember where your adopted child has come from, what their brain is whispering to them, and what they live with.

2.  Reassurance. Let your adopted child know it’s going to be okay, that you will take care of them, and assure them there is enough to eat. It’s reassurance that builds up self-confidence and belief that they actually will be okay. It’s reassurance that plants seeds of trust deep. While the trauma of not getting enough food to eat may always live with your adopted child, you can bring about a sense of peace.

3.  Freedom. Give your adopted child a box, a bag, or a place where they can get food and let them know it is there specifically for them if they feel hungry and put their name on it. This will allow freedom for reassurance that there will be food for them and it gives them control.

These strategies may take some time to implement. Remember, food issues and food hoarding come from a place we may not understand. It’s a deep-seated belief there won’t be enough, they’ll be left out, or have to go without. That’s something no human being should ever have to go through. For adopted children, we can do much to help ease their worries and find comfort.

Devoted, Safe and Loving Homes are Needed Desperately for Children

Our international family adoption agency provides adoption services for families considering international adoption. We work with adoptive families who want to grow and can offer a safe and loving home to a child. As we have witnessed many times, the amount of love and joy that grows from a forever family coming together is a truly wonderful thing. As a licensed, non-profit, Hague accredited adoption agency, we can work with families in any state through our Haiti adoption program who meet Haiti’s adoption requirements. Learn more about the Haiti adoption requirements on our website HERE. Or contact us HERE to tell us more about your adoption journey, we would love to hear from you!

Building Arizona Families Provides Safe and Dependable Adoption Services as an Appointed International Family Adoption Agency

At Building Arizona Families, families can expect high-quality services and a supportive adoption community. We provide adoption services for families across the USA. Building Arizona Families supports adoptive families with responsive, proactive service and communication. Our mission is to place as many children as possible into loving families, and it is a joy to help families grow. As one of a limited number of U.S. adoption agencies allowed to continue working in Haiti, we operate under the highest standards. Since 2005, we have been an international family adoption agency working alongside forever families adopting children from Haiti.

For more information on how you can adopt a child from Haiti, please visit us HERE. Let us know how we can better help you start your adoption journey HERE. For more information on the Haiti adoption process or learn more about upcoming seminars, please contact Lisa Peterson, Haiti Adoption Program Manager, HERE or call her at 623-692-4424. Building Arizona Families thanks you for entrusting us with your adoption journey and the chance to help your family grow through our international family adoption agency!

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