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Are you currently searching online for places to adopt a child?  If so, there are some key factors you should be aware of as you search for the right place.  Perhaps the most important factors are keeping the childs best interest in mind and ensuring that all appropriate requirements for a legal adoption in the United States are met.

To ensure that the above two factors are fulfilled, it is essential to only work with a licensed adoption agency.  For international adoptions, the agency must be also be Hague-accredited.  U.S. adoption agencies should be licensed through the state governments child welfare agency in the state where the adoption agency is located.  Building Arizona Families is licensed through the Arizona Dept. of Child Safety and is a Hague-accredited adoption agency for international adoptions.

There are Several Options to Consider When Choosing A Place to Adopt a Child

If you are searching for places to adopt a child, you might consider adopting through the U.S. foster care system.  Children who have suffered abuse or neglect and whose parental rights have been severed as a result are available for adoption.  Foster children throughout the U.S. whose parental rights are severed are hoping and praying for loving families to adopt them.  Building Arizona Families can help Arizona families adopt foster children residing in any state throughout the U.S.  Read more about adopting foster children HERE.

Infant adoption is possible through the foster care system, but the average age of children available to adopt is five years and older.  Infant adoption is possible through private adoption, and Building Arizona Families is available to help families living anywhere in the U.S. adopt infants whose birth mother resides in Arizona.  If your search for places to adopt a child did not include infants, you are most likely hoping to adopt a foster child.

Attend Our Informative Online Adoption Seminar for More Information

Building Arizona Families provides a great deal of information about various types of adoption and the varied processes for each type.  You can also attend one of our informative online seminars to learn more.  Go here for seminar information.  You are also welcome to call our office at 623.936.4729 or e-mail us with your questions. Please feel free to reach out to our Forever Families program manager, Ixcel Baca at ixcelbaca@buildingarizonafamilies.com.  We would be honored to serve you on your adoption journey!

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