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Is there a difference between a licensed adoption agency and an accredited adoption agency? Does the difference matter? Yes, and yes! First, may we recommend that you do not work with any adoption agency that is not licensed. If you are interested in international adoption, do not work with any adoption agency that is not accredited.


A Licensed Adoption Agency Means State Government Approval


Building Arizona Families is a licensed adoption agency. We have met and continue to meet rigorous Arizona standards that regulate adoptions within the State of Arizona. We are licensed to help families residing in Arizona adopt foster children from anywhere in the U.S. The Arizona families must go through the home study process here, and then they are cleared to adopt from the child welfare system throughout the nation. Find out more about adopting foster children HERE.


Our licensed adoption agency is granted permission by the State of Arizona to help Arizona birth mothers in crisis who cannot parent place their babies for adoption. We walk beside these birth mothers, supporting them with their needed services to have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. Building Arizona Families can serve adoptive families of newborn babies residing in any state within the United States, but the birth mother must reside in Arizona. Please find out more about our newborn adoption program HERE.


An Accredited Adoption Agency Meets High Standards to Facilitate International Adoptions


Building Arizona Families is Hague Accredited – a rigorous national accreditation process that ensures that children’s best interests are always first and foremost in the international adoption process. The process itself is comprehensive. An accredited adoption agency has been thoroughly examined and can be trusted to facilitate international adoptions with integrity and excellence.


Currently, Building Arizona Families offers adoption from the country of Haiti. Find out more about adopting a child from Haiti HERE. Building Arizona Families also offers international home study services for Arizona families adopting from other countries.


A Licensed Adoption Agency and an Accredited Adoption Agency – We Are Both


By now, you know just how important it is to be a licensed adoption agency and an accredited adoption agency. The licensing and accreditation protect the child first and foremost. It protects the adoptive family, ensuring that the greatest care and highest level of integrity are exercised in facilitating the miraculous process of adopting foster children, newborn babies, and children from Haiti. We invite you to learn more about adoption by attending one of our informative online seminars. You can register on our Facebook page HERE. Of course, please always feel free to call or e-mail our offices with any questions you have – we are here to serve!

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