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Hundreds of thousands of children around the world are in desperate need of a safe, loving family. These vulnerable children can go every day without the feeling of love or joy and are depending on us to provide to them what others could not – a safe and loving home to thrive in. In order to meet the tremendous needs of children who need to be adopted, it takes a team of dedicated and loving people.  Building Arizona Families (BAF) is a non-profit, Hague accredited, and Arizona state-licensed adoption agency that works diligently to advance the child adoption process in Arizona and around the globe.

Our dedicated team of case managers, administration, social workers, and program coordinators at Building Arizona Families work tirelessly to find forever homes for as many children as possible through the numerous adoption programs available at BAF. The domestic infant adoption, foster adoption, and Haiti adoption programs bring hope, love, and new life to children who may have never known the feeling of having loving and supportive parents. Learn more about each of our adoption programs available at Building Arizona Families, HERE.

Building Arizona Families’ Staff Works Diligently to Support Beautiful Adoptions and Help Build Forever Families 

Families across the nation look to adoption to grow their family.  Approximately 135,000 children are adopted every year in America. That is 135,000 children finding solace with an adoptive family and being blessed with the gift of love. These children are blessed but there are hundreds of thousands of vulnerable children who still need our help. The staff at Building Arizona Families continues to advocate for more safe and loving adoptive homes to be available for children in need.

We would like to introduce some of our BAF staff that work tirelessly to provide loving homes for children in need-

Meet Kelly 

Kelly is the co-founder of Building Arizona Families. Kelly experienced her own adoption journey when she was adopted as an infant and later reunited with her birth mother. The Donna K. Evans Foundation was set up to honor birth mothers like Kelly’s. Learn more about the DKE Foundation HERE.

Meet Angie

Angie is the co-founder of Building Arizona Families. After adopting her three children from Russia, Angie knew she wanted to assist other adoptive families with growing their forever family. Read Angie’s story HERE. 

Meet Becky 

Becky is the Domestic Program Coordinator and enjoys working with adoptive parents preparing for the arrival of their little bundle of joy through domestic adoption. Becky adopted both of her sons at birth and loves to see families grow through the gift of adoption. 

Meet Ixcel

Ixcel is the Interstate Program Coordinator.  Her training and experience in working with adoptive families and as a match support specialist has made her an integral part of assisting adoptive families during the child adoption process. 

Meet the rest of our amazing staff at Building Arizona Families, HERE. These fine men and women are ready to help families through the child adoption process and offer a child a beautiful new beginning with a forever family. 

Building Arizona Families Offers Several Child Adoption Processes for Adoptive Families 

When a family chooses adoption to grow or begin their beautiful family, there are several adoption programs offered at Building Arizona Families. A family can adopt through the Domestic/Newborn Adoption Program, the Forever Families U.S. Adoption Program to adopt foster children, and international adoption through the Haiti Adoption Program. Each program has a different child adoption process.  You can learn more about each program HERE.

Building Arizona Families would be delighted to walk with you during your adoption journey. Tell us more about your adoption journey and the child adoption process you are interested in HERE. Building Arizona Families dedicates itself to breaking down the barriers and obstacles of adoption. We are committed to helping every child in need to find their forever family. 

Learn More About What Makes Building Arizona Families Different 

Building Arizona Families is a non-profit, internationally accredited, and Arizona licensed adoption agency. Since 2004, we have provided high quality adoptive and birth families with professional adoption services. We place vulnerable children in loving forever families through the child adoption processes of direct adoption of children in foster care around the nation by Arizona families, infant adoption for Arizona babies, and international adoption of Haiti children. The dedicated team at Building Arizona Families supports every member of the adoption triad – the child, the adoptive family, and the birth parent. Learn more about our Arizona adoption agency HERE. 

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