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Newborn domestic adoption in the United States is truly a blessing for all involved. Prospective adoptive parents that pray tell us that they pray every night for their birth mother along with her child. The families care for the birth mother, and they want to honor her. Domestic infant adoption is a rewarding and life-changing gift that dramatically alters the lives of the adopted baby and his or her parents who find themselves fulfilled in a variety of ways. Here is one adoptive mother’s recollection:
“I am my son’s ’real parent‘. His birth mother gave birth to him and left the hospital. When he was born, he tested positive for cocaine. He had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome as well. She had no prenatal care at all. She was addicted during her pregnancy, homeless and living on the streets. But she had the presence of mind to have the baby in the hospital. I will be forever grateful to this woman who gave birth to him in a safe place. He grew up knowing that he was adopted, a special child born from my heart rather than my body. He has only known love and acceptance since he was eight months old when I adopted him. I told him that I would help him find his birth mother when he turned 18 if he wanted to.”   – Adoptive Parent, Quora Digest

How Does Domestic Adoption in Arizona Work?

Building Arizona Families has a rigorous adoption program that works with the birth mother when placing her baby for adoption and also for the parents looking to adopt. The initial and ongoing process includes a home study of the prospective family, detailed questionnaires, background checks, and numerous other processes to ensure the well-being of all parties involved.

Do I Need to Live in Arizona to Adopt a Newborn Infant?

You don’t have to live in Arizona to adopt a newborn infant. Adoptive parents can live anywhere in the United States to work with Building Arizona Families.  Building Arizona Families works with birth mothers who live in Arizona so that we can walk beside the birth mother, going to doctor appointments with her, providing counseling, and providing practical support.

Families are matched according to both families’ preferences. In both cases, ethnicity, health, culture, and well-being preferences are factors taken into consideration.

Contact us about our newborn domestic adoption program.  Call Becky Merryman at 623-224-1815.  E-mail her HERE.  Learn more and download the free info kit HERE.

About Building Arizona Families

Building Arizona Families is a licensed adoption agency located in Phoenix, AZ. We offer domestic adoption of newborn babies, adoption of foster children around the U.S., and international adoption of children from Haiti. Building Arizona Families is committed to helping infants and children find a loving home across the United States. For more information about our licensed adoption agency, please contact us at 800.340.9665.

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