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Providing Safe and Loving Homes for Adoptable Children: From Foster Care to Haiti

Every child around the world deserves a safe, loving forever family. However, countless adoptable children, including foster children, infants in the U.S., and children from Haiti, still need loving families and homes. Building Arizona Families, a licensed and internationally accredited adoption agency has been committed to bridging this gap since 2004.

Why Adoptable Children Need Safe, Forever Loving Families

Adoption is a life-changing journey that transforms the lives of adoptive parents and offers a chance for a bright future for children in need. All adoptable children, whether in foster care, domestic infant adoption, or international adoption like Haiti, urgently need the love, care, and stability that only a forever family can provide.

For foster children, adoption represents the opportunity to move from a life filled with uncertainty and change to stable, loving homes where they can heal from the trauma they have experienced and flourish in safety. Infants in the U.S. who may have started their journey in challenging circumstances deserve a chance to grow up in a nurturing environment. Similarly, children from countries like Haiti, facing severe poverty, deserve the love and support of forever families.

Building Arizona Families: A Trusted Adoption Partner

Building Arizona Families’ international accreditation and strong in-country relationships help create a smoother process for families interested in adopting children from Haiti. Their non-profit status and A+ BBB rating demonstrate their unwavering commitment to ethical practices and prioritizing the welfare of vulnerable adoptable children.

Whether it is foster care adoption, private infant adoption, or adoption from Haiti, Building Arizona Families is here to guide you, whether you are ready to begin your adoption journey or still have questions about the process. You can attend an informative online adoption seminar, which provides valuable insights into adoption and answers your questions. RSVP for a seminar HERE. Alternatively, you can call or e-mail the agency for personalized assistance and information at 800.340.9665 or info@buildingarizonafamilies.com.

Download Free Information Kits

To help prospective adoptive families make informed decisions, Building Arizona Families offers free, informative information kits. These resources are invaluable in helping educate you about the process of identifying adoptable children that are the right match for your family, the adoption process, requirements, costs, and timelines of the adoption journey. Go HERE for domestic newborn adoption and HERE for foster child adoption. Reach out directly to Lisa Peterson for international adoption at lisa@buildingarizonafamilies.com.

All adoptable children deserve to be part of a safe, loving, and forever family. Building Arizona Families has been a trusted partner in this mission since 2004, ensuring that adoptive families and adoptable children find their perfect match. If you are considering adoption, attend an online adoption seminar, reach out via phone or e-mail, or download a free information kit.

We also look forward to sharing the journey of adoption that transforms children’s lives and yours.

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