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The Building Arizona Families Domestic Adoption September 2023 Newsletter

From the Desk of Kelly Rourke-Scarry, President and CEO

     Finally! We welcome September with cooler temperatures for us and, more importantly, for the homeless pregnant women who have suffered through the hottest summer on record in Phoenix!


    We are grateful that this dangerous heat is waning. Still, new research has illustrated a rapidly growing, life-threatening danger that is doing great harm to pregnant women and their unborn babies. There is a dramatic surge in opioid use among pregnant women – 131%! As you probably already know, Opioid addiction during pregnancy poses severe health risks. Prenatal exposure to opioids can lead to preterm birth, low birth weight, neonatal withdrawal syndrome (NAS), and developmental delays in newborns. Additionally, mothers addicted to opioids are much less likely to seek prenatal care or addiction treatment, as medical providers are mandatory reporters to child protective services. In Arizona, state laws permit severance of parental rights at birth or within a year, depending upon the severity of the prenatal substance abuse.


    In many instances, this vulnerable population of pregnant women struggle with co-occurring mental health issues or have been victims of violence. It is a highly complex issue, and in the middle of it is an unborn baby whose health safety depends on their mother’s health. There are so many women in this challenging situation who simply won’t reach out for help. 


    We can help with this crisis and provide safe housing, medical care, food, clothing, mental health care, and more for these vulnerable women while ensuring their unborn babies have the best opportunity for a healthy, bright future through the miracle of adoption.  


    Because most of these women are too afraid to seek help, we must reach out to them. Right now, we are running ads anywhere we think we might be able to reach pregnant women in crisis. The trust issue is still a barrier, so whenever we can reach out on a grassroots level, it helps bridge the gap. Please help us share the information that we can help. My cell phone is always on, and we tell women to reach out 24/7. Please take a moment to print out the flyer and pass it out as you see women in need, and then share the link with friends. Handing it out at street corners while stopped at a traffic light, stores, or anywhere that homeless people gather helps spread the word among the homeless population.  Here is the link.


    As always, I am so grateful that you care deeply about the miracle of adoption and the many lives it changes.

All the best,


Kelly Rourke-Scarry
Building Arizona Families

Domestic/Newborn Adoption Placements August Babies

In August, we celebrated the birth of nine newborn babies. Our newborn adoptions have brought immeasurable joy to families across the U.S. Each story is unique, but the common thread is the love and joy that burst forth when a newborn baby is welcomed into their forever families.

What Happens Next?

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Adoption News and Updates

Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Season 3, Episode 219: Substance Abuse During Pregnancy

Some pregnant women use drugs during their pregnancy.  Drug exposure prenatally in adoption situations may cause concern and anxiety for hopeful adoptive parents.  Learning more will help us understand and be able to make well-informed decisions.

Every year, at least once on this podcast we like to look at the current research and discuss any changes we have seen over the past year.  We are not a medical facility, nor are we medical professionals, so this podcast is to discuss the available research and what we have seen as professionals in the adoption world.

Adoption Matters. Live.  Learn.  Love. Listen.

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