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November 2022 Newsletter

From the Desk of Kelly Rourke-Scarry, President and CEO

One of the other things we are thankful for is National Adoption Month – also in November!  During National Adoption Month, many of the needs and challenges of adoption are highlighted, increasing awareness of what a crucial function adoption plays in society.  We believe that domestic adoption of newborn babies is uniquely a triple miracle, changing the lives of the birth mother, adoptive family, and baby in profound ways. The birth mother who is unable to parent usually does experience grief, but the joy and reassurance that her baby will experience the life she is unable to provide carry her through the adoption process.  Through the Donna K. Evans Foundation, we provide the opportunity for her to start a new chapter of her life with the support she needs to succeed.  The adoptive family is, of course, overjoyed as the newborn they have hoped and prayed for is placed into their arms.  And the newborn baby is given the most invaluable gifts of all – the gift of life, the love of family, and the promise of a bright future. It’s easy to see why we call adoption the triple miracle.  Please join us for Giving Tuesday.  This wonderful day provides the opportunity for all those who care deeply about adoption to stand together in generosity, changing the lives of the birth mothers who are at the very core of the triple miracle of adoption.  Please connect with us on our Facebook page before Giving Tuesday on November 29th. and then invite your friends to like our page and join with us when we showcase the life-changing generosity of adoption advocates.

    We are so grateful that you care deeply about the at-risk pregnant women we serve and their precious unborn babies.  Please download the flyer and help us reach women that need us urgently but are very difficult to reach. There are precious lives on the line!  Thank you!

All the best,


Kelly Rourke-Scarry
Building Arizona Families


We have created a flyer to hand out at parks, street corners, libraries, shelters – anywhere there are at risk pregnant women.  We will help them 24/7/365.

October Babies

We are celebrating the adorable miracles of adoption! During the month of October, Building Arizona Families placed eight beautiful babies into the arms of loving families!
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