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Sadauri is young.  She told us,
I've had a hard life.  I was running the streets". She found herself pregnant.   Sadauri knew that her lifestyle would be harmful for her baby.  She told us how much she loves her baby, and how hard it was to place the baby for adoption. 

She said, "I'd rather you have the best life ever than see you struggle with me... Plenty of nights I cried.  It's not easy giving up your child.  I am not going to lie to you.  You have to stay strong and understand that what you did is the right thing... what happens when you run out of diapers, or run out of food?  You don't want to be in that place."

  Life on the streets for pregnant women is brutal.  So many women find themselves trapped in lifestyles they would never have chosen for themselves and don't know how to get out of.  And then, they discover that they are pregnant and believe they have no place to turn to and no choices.  That's where we come in.  We are there to offer a positive path to get off the streets, get clean, healthy, and plan for a bright future with endless possibilities for success.  Not to mention that we help these vulnerable women as they make the brave, selfless choice to place their baby into the safe, loving arms of a stable, nurturing family to grow up strong and happy.

Sadauri's story is highlighted in this newsletter - she was running the streets, yet loves her unborn child.  It's why she chose adoption, even though she told us she has cried herself to sleep countless nights.  A mother's love is strong and fierce, and someday she knows that she and her baby will meet and share the bond of mother and child.

The number of homeless young women on the streets is on the rise, as is the number of drug overdoses and drug use. The COVID pandemic is actually fueling an increase in addictions as anxiety and depression levels rise.  Addiction creates a trap, an endless cycle that unless broken has no good ending. It is absolutely why we have to reach these vulnerable women - they need a future and hope, and their unborn children need the opportunity for a life of love. 

I invite you to join us in this race against the clock - to find these women and provide the life saving help they need for themselves and their unborn children.  Please share this information with others, post it on your social media, and feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone and everyone that cares about making a difference.  And thank you for caring.  It means a great deal during the long days and nights that our team works tirelessly to bring light into the lives of women who are trapped in a dark place.
As always, I am available 24/7/365 to talk with a women experiencing a crisis pregnancy.  Please share my personal cell number.  My cell is 623.695.4112.  Women can text or call me.

Saving and changing lives together,

Kelly Rourke-Scarry, M.Ed.
Building Arizona Families
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During the month of July, Building Arizona Families placed six newborn babies with wonderful adoptive families!  These precious babies are being snuggled, cooed over, and nurtured, as parents rejoice that they hold an answer to their prayers in their arms.  We are so grateful that courageous women made the sacrificial choice to give their babies the opportunity for life, love, and a bright future!

My life has been hard.
There are so many girls like me out on the streets.
My story can bring hope to other pregnant women out there. 
I hope you will watch it, and then share it with others.

Watch Sadauri's Story Here


Gaining a New Perspective on Adoption and Abortion

Listen to the perspective of a biological sibling's views on abortion.  Discover how the perspective can change when education and personal experience come into play. The featured interview is with Kelly Rourke-Scarry's biological brother. He shares his insights about how the perspective changes when the choices are personal.
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