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Are you thinking about adopting a precious child? Deciding to adopt is such a powerful, wondrous, and beautiful thing. Once you and your family have decided to adopt a child in need of love, there is a lot to consider. We understand how overwhelming the adoption process can be. Building Arizona Families will walk beside you, providing the high levels of service and communication that are vital, whether it is adopting a child in Arizona, the U.S., or Haiti.  

At Building Arizona Families, we want your family to be cared for and provided for like we would serve our own family. We understand the adoption journey because many of our staff have adopted children.  As a matter of fact, our agency President was adopted, and agency Vice President adopted three children internationally! We are a licensed, accredited, non-profit, adoption agency serving families around the United States.

Choosing the Right Adoption Agency to Start Your Beautiful Journey

When adopting a child in Arizona, or from a different state or country, finding the right adoption agency that meets your family’s specific needs is essential. Because of our personal adoption experiences, we have an extraordinary commitment to excellence in the process. Because of our personal understanding of the experience, we are able to prepare adoptive families for the adoption journey with positive support and absolute transparency about the processes and costs. We genuinely work in the best interest of the child and for the adoptive family. We are in good standing with state and international licensing to provide you with the best adoption services available. 

Our adoption agency’s mission is that every child grows up in a loving family.  We are dedicated to helping children from around the world find safe and loving forever homes. Building Arizona Families opened its doors in August 2004 and has been serving children and families since that time. We are licensed by the State of Arizona and Hague accredited. Learn more about what you should look for in your adoption agency HERE.

Building Arizona Families Can Help You Adopt a Child in Arizona, in the U.S., and in Haiti

Building Arizona Families is both Arizona state-licensed and internationally Hague accredited, allowing you to choose whichever adoption choice is best for you and your growing family. We offer several different types of adoptions, including infant adoption, adoption from foster care, and Haiti adoption. Each type of adoption has its own characteristics, including process, cost, qualifications, and children available to be adopted. When exploring the kind of adoption that fits your needs, our staff will take the time to listen and help you with every step along your adoption journey. Learn more about our different adoption programs HERE.

Our Staff Will Care for You Like Family When Adopting a Child

Building Arizona Families would be honored to serve you on your adoption journey. If you would like more general information and/or have not decided what type of adoption is right for you, we offer onsite seminars that answer all of your questions. We also offer online seminars for those who can’t travel to Phoenix for the onsite seminar. Please call our office for seminar information at 623.936.4729, or reach out to Lisa at 623.692.4424 or email HERE. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have. 

We are passionately committed to helping find forever homes for children in need, and we support our adoptive families and birth mothers through a successful adoption journey. Building Arizona Families looks forward to serving you!

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