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Adopt foster children in Arizona! There are currently over 13,000 children who have been the victims of neglect and/or abuse currently in the Arizona foster care system. This number has remained fairly constant throughout 2018. The other number that remains fairly constant is the number of Arizona children who have had their parental rights severed as a result of their parents not making the necessary changes in behavior and lifestyle needed to keep their children safe and care for their basic needs. The number at any one time is over 3,000 children who can no longer return to their parents and are now, for all practical purposes, orphans living in Arizona.

What about the other children in the Arizona foster care system? They are in kept in state care, either in foster families or group homes, while their parents are given numerous opportunities and a tremendous amount of support to help them change their behavior in order to be reunited with their children. Many people ask about the foster to adopt AZ children process. We have observed that there is a great deal of misunderstanding about how the guidelines to adopt foster children in Arizona work. Many people believe that there is a requirement to foster to adopt AZ children.  In other words, they believe families must first become foster parents prior in order to become eligible to adopt foster children in Arizona.

It is Not Necessary to Foster to Adopt AZ Children

The good news is that there is a path to direct adoption of Arizona foster children. Families do not have to go through the foster care certification program. If a person meets the criteria to adopt foster children in Arizona, they can move forward to adopt one or more of the over 3,000 children available for adoption at any one time in the Arizona foster care system

Arizona Families Can Adopt Foster Children in Arizona and in Other States

Through the Forever Families program at Building Arizona Families, Arizona families can choose to adopt Arizona foster children or to adopt children from around the United States whose parental rights have been severed. Ixcel Baca, Program Manager for the Forever Families program, can answer any questions about how to adopt foster children in Arizona or foster children around the United States.

Thank you for considering opening your heart and home to the adoption of foster children. We would love for you to call Ixcel Baca at (623) 696-9537, or e-mail her HERE. She would be happy to set up a private meeting and answer any questions you have or personally take you through the online seminar. You can also find more information about the types of adoption, the child adoption process, and adoption costs on our website HERE.

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