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Adopting Foster Children Changes so Many Lives

It is never too late to change a child’s life – bring new meaning – and help heal their many hurts. Building Arizona Families is committed to every child having a loving forever family, which is why they have been providing adoption services for Arizona families who want to adopt foster children around the U.S.

Forever Families Make a Lasting Difference

Generally, when one hears sad news stories involving child abuse or even a tragic story within the foster care system, it is easy to forget many successful foster child stories have wonderful happy endings – parents who have opened their hearts and homes to adopt children out of foster care.

Adopting foster children through the foster care system can be a rewarding, life-changing experience. Consider how you can bring love, hope, and healing to a child or children who have suffered physical, emotional, or even sexual abuse. They have been removed from their homes, sometimes separated from their siblings, and possibly from other relatives. While it is most important to protect the welfare of the abused and/or neglected child, being removed from their home can also be traumatic. They need the healing that only a loving, stable forever family can bring.

Adopting Foster Children Saves Them From Instability

A child who has been removed from an abusive home suffers unfathomable pain and disillusionment, the instability of being moved an average of three times a year in foster care, and the lack of consistent, loving adults which dramatically impacts his or her perceptions of life and reality.

Some of their behavioral and developmental problems can only be healed through long lasting love in a forever family with a commitment to nurture and restore. Children are resilient and truly can experience healing, grow and thrive. A loving family can change the course of the life of a foster child. A loving family gives a new lease on life.

How long is the foster child adoption procedure?

Building Arizona Families is an Arizona licensed adoption agency that helps couples and single adults anywhere in the U.S. change the lives of children in foster care who are hoping and praying for someone to open their hearts and homes forever.

Building Arizona Families, an Arizona licensed, A+ BBB rated non-profit adoption agency facilitates direct adoption placements from the foster care system. This means that the adoptive family does not have to be foster care certified to adopt foster children. Adoptive families participate in a home study and various screenings to be eligible to adopt foster children. After matching the adoptive family with the foster child or children of their choice, the foster children come live in your home. After approximately six months, your family is able to legally adopt the children. Adopting a child through foster care is less expensive than other types of adoption.

You can be the one who changes the life of a child that has suffered through no fault of their own. And, adoption not only changes the child’s life but joyfully changes yours.

How to Adopt Foster Children

Find out more about adopting foster children by downloading the free info kit HERE. You can reach out directly to Ixcel Baca, the Forever Families program manager by calling 623-696-9537 or e-mailing her at ixcelbaca@buildingarizonafamilies.com. And, we offer monthly adoption seminars online – go to our Facebook page HERE to view the schedule.

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