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Adoptive Parent Call or Text: 800.340.9665
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At Building Arizona Families, we provide adoption education for the process of adopting newborn babies through our domestic adoption program, of adopting foster children through our Forever Families program, and of adopting children internationally from Haiti.

Our website offers separate pages for each type of adoption we offer. Our adoption education includes adoption qualifications, the process of adoption, and the costs for each type of adoption we offer.

Adoption Education Needs to Be Based on Expertise

Our licensed and accredited adoption agency has over 15 years of experience helping families’ dreams come true through adoption. We are also a Better Business Bureau A+ rated non-profit organization. The founders of Building Arizona Families have had their personal lives changed through adoption. Kelly Rourke-Scarry was adopted as a newborn. Angela Penrose adopted three children internationally. Many of our staff have also adopted children.

Accurate Adoption Education Transforms the Adoption Journey

We believe that adoption is a joyous journey when prospective adoptive families are prepared through accurate adoption education. There are enough variables in the adoption journey that prospective adoptive families need to have a knowledge base to increase their comfort levels throughout the process. Building Arizona Families staff walks alongside the families that are adopting children through our licensed and accredited agency.

Other Ways to Get the Answers You Need on the Adoption Journey

Building Arizona Families offers monthly online seminars for prospective adoptive families. We offer a seminar specifically for families interested in adopting newborn babies through our domestic adoption program. We also offer a seminar for families exploring all of the adoption options that we offer – newborn, foster, and international adoption. You can get the online seminar schedule on our Facebook page HERE. Be sure to click on the Events tab at the top.

You can access adoption education for our newborn domestic program HERE. For our Forever Families program to adopt foster children, go HERE. And, for information about adopting children from Haiti, go HERE.

We are here to personally answer your adoption questions. Please feel free to call 800-340-9665. We look forward to providing you with accurate adoption education to help you make choices that will bring you joy for a lifetime!

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