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There is a Tremendous Need for American Adoptions

Whether you are interested in adopting a baby, a toddler, an older child, a teenager, a special needs child, or a sibling group, there is tremendous need for American adoptions. Adopting a baby or child in the United States either from the foster care system or through private domestic adoptions blesses and changes the lives of so many involved.

In The Domestic Adoptions Process, The Importance of Choosing an Excellent Adoption Agency is Crucial

As a prospective adoptive family, choosing the right adoption agency has lifelong implications.

A quality adoption agency that will listen intently to your needs and wishes in adopting a baby or child is paramount. You should first make sure that the adoption agency is licensed and in good standing. Domestic adoptions include the birth parent, and it is important that the birth parent feels supported and included. You can look at agency reviews to see how adoptive families and birth mothers feel their adoption process was handled. You should check with the state licensing board to make sure there are no serious complaints. You can read testimonials from Building Arizona Families birth mothers and adoptive families HERE.

Putting the Children’s Well Being First in American Adoptions

As you consider choosing an adoption agency for domestic adoptions – to adopt a baby or going through the foster care system to adopt foster children, the welfare of the infants and children should always come first. After listening carefully to the adoptive family and the birth mother or child’s social worker, prospective adoptive children should be presented to you that meet your criteria and the child’s needs. Your adoption experience will include ups and downs, but overall, you should feel listened to, well informed, and overall positive about the adoption agency you are working with.

Building Arizona Families Would Love to Visit With You

We would love the opportunity to visit with you about your adoption goals and answer any questions you might have. Our Phoenix AZ adoption agency location regularly offers onsite adoption seminars. We also offer online adoption seminars as we serve Arizona families adopting foster children, and all U.S. families for newborn and international adoption. You can also find general adoption process information on our website HERE. We are available by phone at 623.692.4424 or by e-mail lisa@buildingarizonafamilies.com.

For specific questions about adopting a baby through Building Arizona Families’ Domestic Adoption program, please call Becky Merryman at (623) 224-1815, or e-mail her HERE.

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