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Building Arizona Families Arizona adoption agency knows how important love is. We believe that loving children is one of the most important privileges and responsibilities that adults can have. Children that grow up in a safe, nurturing family environment are provided stability and the greatest opportunity to become happy, productive adults.

So many children worldwide do not have loving families to guide them into adulthood. For this reason, we believe that adoption has the power to change both the present and the future.

Consider the unborn baby whose mother is in crisis. Perhaps she is homeless, living on the streets. She may have fled domestic abuse, possibly struggling with addiction, or maybe both. For whatever reasons, the birth mother cannot provide the safe, nurturing environment that her unborn baby needs to grow up. She wisely and unselfishly decides that she will give her baby the greatest gift – the gift of life and the gift of a loving, stable family. It is a tremendous sacrifice. Because she loves her unborn baby, she opens the door for an adoptive family to love, nurture, and guide her child into adulthood with the most significant possibility for success. This is called domestic adoption. Building Arizona Families is honored to provide free adoption services and practical support to courageous birth mothers who cannot parent their unborn babies.

Suppose you are interested in learning more about domestic adoption. In that case, our Arizona adoption agency website has a great deal of practical information. You can also reach out to Becky Merryman by e-mail at becky@buildingarizonafamilies.com or by phone at (623) 224-1815.

Love also has the power to heal the deepest wounds. Children who experience abuse and neglect are removed from their homes and placed in the state’s foster care system. State child welfare agencies place the children in emergency shelters, foster families, and group homes for an undetermined length of time. The agency works with the family to determine if the risk factors that brought the child into the foster care system can be eliminated and the child returned safely home. If the risk factors are not eliminated, parental rights are severed, and the child remains in state care unless a loving adoptive family is found.

Our Arizona Adoption Agency Matches Arizona Families with U.S. Foster Children

Healing the wounds of an abused, neglected child is possible through the consistent, patient love of the adoptive parent(s). This type of adoption is called foster child adoption. People who adopt from the foster care system are not required to become foster parents first. They can directly adopt from the foster care system.

If you live in Arizona and are interested in adopting a foster child, Building Arizona Families would be delighted to help you in the process. You can find more information on our website here. You can also reach out to Ixcel Baca at ixcelbaca@buildingarizonafamilies.com or by calling (623) 696-9537.

One other way to love vulnerable children is through international adoption. Building Arizona Families works to find loving adoptive families in the U.S. for children living in Haitian orphanages. Adopting a Haitian orphan truly is life-changing. Our Arizona adoption agency can serve U.S. families in any state to adopt a child from Haiti.

Please visit our website here for more information about adopting a child from Haiti. Please also feel free to reach out to Lisa Peterson at (623) 692-4424 or by e-mail at lisa@buildingarizonafamilies.com.

Building Arizona Families offers informative online webinars that explain more about the domestic, foster, and international adoption processes. You can find the schedule and RSVP from our Facebook page here:

We hope that you are inspired by how the power of loving a child can change their present and their future. Building Arizona Families would consider it an honor to assist you with any of these types of adoption. Our Arizona adoption agency is internationally Hague accredited, licensed, and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Please reach out at any time. We would love to serve you and your family.

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